The SEO Mistakes Your Blog Is Guilty Of

The SEO Mistakes Your Blog Is Guilty OfWith the many changes the technological world has faced in recent years, it’s been difficult for marketers to maintain their SEO strength. Website blogs tend to suffer the most, unintentionally neglecting the simplest strategies anyone can employ to give their search results ranking a boost. It’s true that SEO is constantly evolving, but its basics are still relevant. Is your company forgetting about foundational ranking tactics? Read on to find out what they are and how you can use them.

Although keywords aren’t everything, they’ve always been an important part of SEO, and that hasn’t changed. They still need to be included in the right places without being overused, as keyword stuffing can lead to harsh penalties for marketers. Creating blog posts about general topics isn’t enough to show up on the first page of related search results.

Niche-specific keywords must be incorporated into blog content in order for that content to reach its target audience and turn curious readers into useful leads. Blogs contained within websites should include more long-tail keywords and advice-related terminology that members of the audience are likely to look up. It’s also a good idea to optimize tags and headings for keyword searches, as they can increase your ranking and draw in readers who click on your content.

Ecommerce Psychology – How you can Influence the way your Customers Think

Ecommerce Psychology – How you can Influence the way your Customers Think

These days, the focus of content marketing is too much on SEO and not enough on emotion. Showing up on the first results page is the best way to drive more traffic to your website, but people aren’t going to keep going back to a website if its only goal was to be more visible to people. All of the content you put out must be written in an interesting way to keep customers around, and not all of it has to contain cold, hard facts. Companies who play into the emotions of their target audience generate more revenue long term. We’re here to show you the six main ways in which you can persuade your customers, courtesy of Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Reciprocity is the first and most simple of the persuasive elements. It describes how people who have been given something at random and at no cost to them feel the need to return the favor. We feel this way because the social exchange is a norm in our society. Apply reciprocity to your writing by including useful pointers without requesting anything in return. In your customers’ minds, you become a great resource they should give back to. Customers will loyally return to your online shop or ecommerce website because of this.

Keeping Customer Data Private - Ecommerce Safety Tips

Keeping Customer Data Private – Ecommerce Safety Tips

Now that the world has gone almost completely digital, every company needs to make a good first impression online. They need good content, an attractive layout, and a sufficient amount of information on every platform. But they also need to appear trustworthy to gain the personal details of potential customers for successful marketing, and these details need to be kept confidential.

It’s not often that new organizations consider implementing a digital information policy for their customers because they work on a small enough scale that they assume they’re not at risk of theft. The sad truth is, security breaches can happen to anyone. They’re expensive, prohibitive, and simply alarming, often causing a significant decrease in customers. So how do you prevent them from happening? You take a step-by-step approach.

These Social Media Tips Will Save You Ten Hours Per Week

These Social Media Tips Will Save You Ten Hours Per Week

Social media marketing is made easier by the fact that every popular social media site is free for anyone to use. In exchange for a bit of personal information, you get access to loads of information and connections you wouldn’t have otherwise. Unfortunately, marketing on these platforms is so common that you have to put in endless hours to not only stand out, but also to have any effect on your revenue.

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t doomed to follow this time-consuming routine for the rest of your company’s life. You can save tons of time on social media advertising while still being successful on every social media platform, and it’s simple to do. How? You’re about to find out.

Navigating the Google Maps Q&A Tool

Navigating the Google Maps Q&A Tool

Google added a question and answer feature to its Google Maps app a few weeks ago, which is available for use on Android phone systems and mobile web browsers. If you’re not an Android user, you might be in the dark. For anyone who has yet to learn about the new addition, here’s everything you need to know about how it works and what it means for users.

Some users haven’t yet seen the feature despite it being out since mid-August. If you’re encountering this problem, make sure you’ve allowed the app to complete its latest update. The feature should become visible after you’ve enabled the update.

Why Content as a Service is the Digital Marketing Industry’s Next Step

Digital Marketing Industry

The importance of content marketing is being emphasized everywhere, and for good reason. Modern-day buyers want high-quality advertising that isn’t too hefty, and companies who deliver in all of their departments fare better than those who ignore or avoid the trend. As time goes on, consumers demand better content, and companies that create it will be rewarded. To make sure your business is creating the kind of content your audience wants, you’ll want to become a part of the content as a service marketing sector.

Before you join the group, go over what your existing content is, where it resides, and how easily it can be reformatted to fit other devices and platforms. A thorough analysis could bring about the realization that a lot of your content is locked up and segregated, creating the potential for inconsistency or redundancy in your company’s ideas.

Facebook Canvas Ads Make Their Way To Instagram Stories

Facebook Canvas Ads Make Their Way To Instagram Stories

The much-anticipated Canvas ads from Facebook have finally entered Instagram territory. More than one year ago, the social networking site announced that its Canvas advertisements would begin to show up in people’s Stories on Instagram as a sort of success test.

The Facebook-owned, photo-based social media platform recently confirmed the suspicions of curious companies and users. Canvas ads have begun to appear in Stories as well-integrated marketing tools for advertisers who want to take full advantage of Instagram marketing features. For now, only a select few companies are trying it out, but it will soon become available to the masses.

How to Become a Better Salesperson and Generate More Leads

How to Become a Better Salesperson and Generate More Leads

Still getting used to modern day marketing? You’re not the only one. Fortunately, no one is doomed to continue down the dead-end path of poor advertising. Making changes doesn’t come naturally to everyone, though, which is why we’re here to help. There are many easy ways to improve your marketing strategy, and you’re about to find out what they are.

No matter what you’re trying to sell, direct your content towards the way your audience is acting now rather than the way they’ve acted in the past. No era is exactly like the one before it, and technology is speeding up the pace of our world now more than ever before. If consumers start to spend more time watching television, put out more commercials. If consumers continue to favour their smartphones, dedicate your time and money to mobile app development and mobile ads. The marketing world won’t change to suit your needs; you as a marketer must adapt to it.

Inbound Marketing

Unlimited Exposure understands your mission as a business owner -  to have people find your website and to have those same people purchase your products or services. Let’s explore how to do exactly that. Consumers have an uncanny ability to tune out online ads simply because today, they’re everywhere! Therefore, you cannot rely on online advertising alone to increase your sales. Today’s digitally-minded consumers only seek out a product online when they have a specific need or problem to solve.

This specific search activity allows for businesses to engage directly with potential clients while they are visiting their website. Inbound marketing is the term used to define the process where a user searches, finds, gets informed, and then purchases a product or service. This activity truly symbolizes the digital age of marketing that we’re all currently living and experiencing.

The goal of inbound marketing services in Toronto is to draw clients to your business website, obtain leads, and transform them into loyal customers. As a digital marketing company in Toronto with over 20 years of experience, Unlimited Exposure drives quality traffic to your website by creating relevant, unique content that will inform and give something of value to each and every visitor. Inbound marketing is a success when visitors provide you with their contact info, thus becoming a lead.

Every component of inbound marketing is part of what we like to call a “new customer sales funnel”. This sales funnel’s aim is to attract consumers, convert them into clients, and then close the deal. As a business owner, you want people to find your business site and get their contact info prior to them leaving. When you nurture this type of relationship in an effective manner, visitors will become buyers. From the point of view of your prospect, this translates to researching, locating, getting informed and then buying (if you’ve given them what they’re looking for). Inbound marketing is a great way to expand your Toronto business and generate quality leads that will turn into sales.

Here’s a bit of insight into our custom sales funnel and inbound marketing process. What’s unique about Unlimited Exposure is that we base our strategies on your consumers’ internet activity:

-Drawing in customers, converting them into leads, and ensuring sales.
-Marketing plans to outline the process to target your business prospects.
-Website optimization and web design to facilitate consumer engagement and promote sales.
-Conversion plan that will encourage the generation of leads.  
-Content marketing that will have your target audience feeling educated and informed. This includes content creation, development, and distribution.  
-Proven SEO tactics to reach the right people.
-Social media marketing that promotes engagement and increases your online presence.
-Sales plans that will encourage consumer engagement and promote sales.
-Metrics and analytics reports to evaluate and then optimize business performance.

Trust Unlimited Exposure with all your Toronto inbound marketing needs to obtain a strategy that’s tailor-made for your business. Contact us today to start generating quality leads that turn into sales! 


E-Commerce Solutions

Unlimited Exposure’s E-Commerce Strategy

Our experienced team depends on proven strategies to provide your business with long-lasting e-Commerce growth. You’ll be kept up to date on your project’s progress every single step of the way and we’ll work with you to not only achieve your digital marketing goals, but to surpass them.

e-commerce solutions

Our dynamic team of e-Commerce developers and designers work hand-in-hand to ensure that your business experiences never before seen results and is established as a brand authority online. We can all agree that the e-Commerce marketplace is more than overcrowded at the moment which is why you need an attractive website design along with a smooth shopping platform to stand out from the crowd!

A successful e-Commerce venture goes beyond simply setting up an online shop. Your business needs a solid plan to draw in and then convert customers. Loyal customers are what businesses thrive on and we know just how to construct a strategy that will allow for exactly that! Below are a few examples of some of the tactics we’ve used as part of e-Commerce ventures for our extensive roster of clients:

- SEO (Search engine optimization)

- SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
- Email marketing campaigns
- Social media optimization and social media marketing
- Ad buying
- Content creation and distribution
- Analysis of your competition
- Customer information
- Customer service management strategies
- Conversion optimization
-Website design and User experience planning

Creative e-Commerce Web Design
Let us bring your e-Commerce site to digital life! We understand that your online store represents your brand on the digital front and we want your business’ personality to shine through. When designing your e-Commerce site, we keep your branding close to heart and can even set up a re-branding process if you aren’t satisfied with your present online  image. The e-Commerce designers here at Unlimited Exposure are experts in building an effective and enjoyable user experience that will turn online shoppers unto loyal, long-term  customers.
-Prototype building
-User experience optimization
-Custom design
-Content planning and development

e-Commerce Development
The best e-Commerce websites are up-and-running thanks to solid technology platforms. At Unlimited Exposure, we’ve created and overseen e-Commerce websites for many Canadian businesses. We are Toronto’s top choice for e-Commerce website development because our clients have seen proven results time and time again. We promise to deliver an e-Commerce platform that is easy for you to use and update, while having your customers regularly return because of the amazing shopping experience you offer!
- Infrastructure
- e-Commerce Security
- Web hosting
- Integration of systems
- Development of suitable e-Commerce platform
Unlimited Exposure prides itself on going above and beyond to serve its clients. For over 20 years, we’ve given our esteemed clients an edge on the competition by providing platforms and content that allows their audiences to truly connect with their brand. Our team is dedicated to working together to ensure that your needs are met and that your business goals are exceeded. When you trust Unlimited Exposure with your online store, you’re enlisting the help of Toronto’s experts in digital marketing— we constantly remain up to date on all e-Commerce best practices which gives us the know-how and skills to provide you with long-term results.

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Understanding Google’s Mobile-First Index Adoption for Business Websites

Mobile has become the new standard for organic searches and web browsing. That’s why Google has taken the past several months to talk about shifting gears to a mobile-first index for business websitesMobile has become the new standard for organic searches and general browsing on the web. That’s why Google has taken the past several months to talk about shifting gears to a mobile-first index. More than half of Internet users choose search engines on mobile devices over those on computers. Many companies will be inevitably affected, especially those who rely solely on the web. Your company may have to make some changes to adjust to the new system.

Google rankings are currently decided partially by the computer usability of a business website. Now that mobile devices are receiving a larger chunk of customer website perusal, the usability ranking element will be decided based on the website’s mobile format. This becomes a problem for companies who haven’t bothered to make a mobile-friendly website , or those who have done so but have left out vital pieces of information.

There is no set date for the switch, and Google’s only criteria to instigate it is for results to be quality neutral. This will likely happen by the first few months of next year, though the tech giant originally planned to make the change at the end of this year. It’s also possible that the transition will occur in phases, slowly changing with each new group of switched sites.

Get More Customers By Avoiding This Common Internet Marketing Mistake

Get more customers by avoiding this common internet marketing mistakeEvery marketer knows that their audience does not necessarily share their passion - or, at least, they’re not as invested in it as the company is. That’s why it’s important to convince your target audience that your products, services, goals, and values matter.

When you create content explaining why you do what you do as a business, you’ll write it in a certain style. Unfortunately, this style won’t always hold the attention of your readers. You need to direct your content towards the right crowd, of course, and write in a way that makes you likable, trustworthy, and authoritative. When it comes to content marketing, you need to persuade them to believe in your company and what it stands for.

Although this technique is effective in the short-term, keeping it up can be damaging. Why? Because constantly trying to get more people on your side takes a lot of effort, and that effort could instead be put towards catering to those who are already interested in your brand. Starting over with a new group each time you promote your company will stunt the growth of your sales.

Focus on the consumers you know have a decent amount of interest in the products or services you offer. The same way not everyone you meet will like you, you won’t be able to convince everyone to care about your brand. Expect and accept that. It’s true in every industry, no matter how passionate or efficient the company in question is. Go for the ones you know will care.

Can Adding A Chat Function To Your Online Business Increase Revenues?

Can adding a chat function to your online shop or business increase revenues? Marketing is becoming more innovative than ever thanks to the fast pace of technological advancements. You’re probably trying all kinds of different things to get your customers hooked, but have you ever considered using a chat service? Both Viber and Messenger can help companies simultaneously interact with members of their target audience and promote their products. If you use the chat feature well, your loyal customers could become the main providers of social proof for your company.

Chat extensions increase your business website or app’s reach to a surprising degree. Messenger and Viber each have their own way of integrating things like videos, music, and fast action apps. Viber did it first, giving users access to gifs, Spotify, Vice, and more. Messenger followed suit a year afterward, employing chat extensions like Kayak and Swelly to increase reach and customer satisfaction.

So how can you do the same? It’s certainly possible, as several other brands have done it. We’ll go over which companies have dipped their toes into the pool of chat marketing, as well as how they did it and the results they’re seeing from it. Prepare to find out what chat marketing can do for you.

The Social Media Marketing Tools that every Marketing Agency should Use

The social media marketing tools that every agency should be usingIf you’re looking for some new tools to liven up your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll list some of the best new programs and apps for digital marketing. Read on to find out what these game-changing - and affordable - new tools are.

First on our list is Loom, a Google Chrome feature that turns recorded content into a shareable video immediately after the recording is complete. You can easily share these videos by email, with the options of downloading, deleting, and assigning passwords to them. If you already have Chrome on your computer, you can download Loom for free and send its contents to recipients on any platform.

Just Good Copy is a website that provides visitors with examples of quality email copy. Type in any email subject in the search bar or tag function and conveniently browse the plethora of results you’ll fobtain from popular sites like Trello, Dropbox, Upwork, and Pinterest. You’re bound to find something helpful, no matter your situation.

Have trouble organizing your browser tabs? Sort them out with TabCloud, a free program that can open and group together the sites you visit most often. For a seamless experience, sync your setup to other web browsers and use it for this purpose as well. TabCloud is currently only available for Android but will soon be compatible with iOS operating systems.

Why using the same Content for all your Business’ Social Media Accounts is the Wrong Move

If you are using the same content for all your accounts, you are going about social media all wrong.Keeping track of your company’s accounts across several social media platforms can be tricky, especially as those platforms become more and more different from one another. With the continuous evolution of each social media site, companies are forced to create content that fits the identity of every social media platform they’re a part of.

Although tweaking photos, videos, text, and ad formats to match the layout of the five social media platforms your company is present on can be tedious, it’s necessary for the continued success of digital marketing. Users can tell when a post was made for a different platform and has simply been copied and pasted to a new one to increase your company’s reach. It’s visually strange, and it rarely turns out good results.

When you join a new social media platform, take the time to learn more about it. Collect information on its setup, posts, users, algorithms, and anything else that’s relevant to your marketing scheme. Don’t create an account for a new site simply to be seen by more of your target audience. Instead, consider how you as an individual would use the platform. Adhere to the theme of each to fit in and appeal to potential customers.

As they grow, most companies find that some platforms are better for connecting to and interacting with consumers than others. You should certainly still advertise on these platforms, but less often. Video-centric applications, like Instagram and Snapchat, focus more on getting the word out to teens and young adults in a clever and visually interesting way. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are more about communicating information through text, usually to young adults and middle-aged individuals.

This is How your Company Can Improve its Instagram Ads

Here's what your company can do to create even better Instagram adsToday, more than half of Americans are on Instagram, and at this rate, that number will only increase. As a result, companies are taking advantage of Instagram marketing, but some are in the dark about how to reach their audience on such a big platform. Fortunately, the social media site comes equipped with many tools that marketers can use and has few limitations as to what strategies they can use.

Making your company’s profile visible on Instagram starts with the platform’s analytics. Look for features that help you measure the effects of your current marketing strategies. There are lots of features to choose from, so focus on finding something that can quantify the performance of individual posts by analyzing click-through rate, engagement, and reach.

Certain tools allow you to automatically post content at times you specify. This can help your company reach its audience after regular work hours and at times when your audience is most likely to see your content. Some features can even track relevant keywords and hashtags so you can better interact with your customers.

Take advantage of user generated content. If a satisfied customer makes an unsponsored post about your product, like it, comment on it, share it, or bookmark it to use later as a sort of testimonial. Many social media platforms collect user generated content, but because of its visual appeal, Instagram is the best platform to use it on.

The Power Of The Often Over-Looked Thank You Email

This is why thank you emails should ALWAYS be part of your marketing strategyEmail marketing is becoming increasingly popular as marketers discover its benefits. Even so, there’s one type of email that most companies don’t spend much time creating, or don’t bother to send at all: transactional emails. These emails confirm customer product orders, notify customers when their merchandise has arrived, and thank customers for their purchases. The last on the list is surprisingly powerful.

Any marketing agency will tell you that thank you emails are more than worth it. Customers often expect to receive a thank you email for something as simple as an account sign up, and with this in mind, your company should never forgo them. Your marketing information goes right to the customer and is there whenever they need it. This information is also easily shareable when in email format, as a simple forward can expand the reach of your content more than you anticipated.

Most thank you emails contain important links. One may take the the customer to an advertised offer, while the other may lead to a higher risk but better reward offer that committed customers are more likely to take advantage of. They can also be personalized with the name of the customer or a set of products they may like. This is what makes them useful.

Rethink your Product Images Before your Next Marketing Campaign

Rethink your Product Images Before your Next Marketing CampaignLetting your customers know what your product does and how it does those things is important, but consumers always pay more attention to photos. According to a recent survey, 67% of customers ranked photos higher than both descriptions and reviews for their importance in making a purchase. So don’t just use photos - use good ones, and use them in the ways we’ve described below.

Make sure every photo you use looks professional. Photos that are clearly pixelated, watermarked, or poorly lit should never be featured on your business website. By using large, professional photos with simple backgrounds, your customers become more willing to trust your company. Of course, it’s important not to crowd any page with photos. Only include photos that directly relate to your brand, or that you want people to associate your brand with.

Get as many different angles of your products as possible. While one high-quality photo of your products is good, giving your customers access to an array of photos from different angles will increase the chances of them buying your products. The goal is to simulate an in-person shopping experience on your ecommerce website. Add a zoom function or a 360-degree rotation tool and you’ll boost your conversions with those elements alone.

Content Tips - Improve your Copy and Watch your Conversion rate Soar

Follow these content marketing tips and watch your conversion rate soar!Marketers are masters at creating content. Or, at least, they should be. Most companies don’t turn out much quality content, and sales suffer as a result. Consumers become less and less willing to buy products when they’re consistently being sold to in a bland and blatant way. That’s why you should focus on making better marketing copy.

While creating amazing content that appeals to your audience is essential, so is promoting that content. We can no longer expect to exceed expectations and be discovered by the masses; the internet is too big and busy for that. As a marketer, you must develop interesting content and advertise it in an interesting way. Below are a few tips to guide you along your way.

First off, if you have any superlatives in your marketing copy, get rid of them. Making yourself out to be the best in your field is an overused way of trying to express your talent. Substitute superlatives for an unusual word or phrase instead. Your audience will be more interested in your content if you use words that other advertisers don’t.

How Silos Work in Ecommerce

How silos work in ecommerce

The three most important parts of online retail are customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. If you’re active on social media and know how to advertise to your audience, it’s fairly easy for consumers to find your company. Turning those consumers into customers is a little trickier. They need to take well to your products, prices, themes, messages, and overall reputation to commit to your brand. Keeping those customers around is even harder, considering how short our attention spans as buyers have become.

Each of these elements is essential to generating revenue, yet many companies segregate their teams and have them focus on only one of them. Creating silos like this disrupts the collaborative nature of successful businesses, locking up important pieces of information and unintentionally wasting money. Instead, have these silos work together in ways that benefit everyone involved. The process starts with understanding how each element of ecommerce works.

How Profitable are Podcasts?

Are podcasts profitable?Despite how long they’ve been around, Podcasts seem to be turning up more and more often now that digital communication is the norm. You may be considering starting your own, but are unsure whether or not it will pay off. Can podcasts thrive in the age of instant information? We’ve got some data for you that will help you draw your own conclusions.

A survey completed at the beginning of this year showed that 60% of people didn’t know the definition of podcasting. A mere 40% of participants had listened to a podcast in the past. A separate report released more recently stated that of the 5,700 participants polled, only 60% planned to listen to podcasts in the near future. On the other hand, 45% of that same group wanted more information about podcasting.

The number of podcasts that exist may not be increasing, but the number of podcast listeners is, thanks to Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming services that offer audio content to their users. Between 2015 and 2017, the amount of monthly podcasts listeners rose from 17% to 24%. And soon enough, podcasters will be able to get a better idea of what their audiences enjoy.

Why you need Evergreen Content to Create and Maintain your Audience

Why evergreen content is the only way you'll attract and maintain an audienceTo a certain extent, your company’s digital presence can be summed up by the amount of traffic that your website and social media profiles receive. Statistics show that less than 10% of bloggers collect more than $1,000 in profit per month, while less than 5% pass the $10,000 checkpoint in that same timeframe. Seems hopeless, right? Not exactly. Your saving grace is evergreen content.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of evergreen content, it’s the stuff that generates more than half of your website’s overall traffic despite its age and stagnation. To create such influential content, you can’t expect to spend a half hour at your computer screen whipping up a keyword-heavy article that will draw in your audience and make loyal customers out of them. You need to appeal to your readers with creative language and fresh concepts, but most of all, you need to give them something helpful.

Surprisingly, the most important element is the one that most writers miss when developing evergreen content. Trying to sell something to someone who thinks they already have everything they need rarely works. By highlighting or creating a problem and following it with your company’s solution, your readers will be convinced they’ll be gaining something by purchasing your product.

Think your Social Media Accounts have Nothing to do with SEO? Think Again!

Think your social media accounts have nothing to do with SEO? Think again!Although Google has made it clear that it does not use social media success to rank search engine results, your business’s social media accounts are still extremely important and strongly linked to SEO. With both tools, you’re aiming to gain trust, generate site traffic, make conversions, and provide outstanding service. This is why SEO and social media go hand in hand.

Just behind Google in the search engine hierarchy is YouTube, which means your company should be using it whenever possible for ads and videos. Tangible results will take a while to see, but they’ll appear in good time if you closely follow an effective strategy. Keep your focus on creating social media content your audience will want to consume, and you’ll naturally go up in the rankings.

Because search engines index a large quantity of social media content, typing a company’s name into the search bar will often turn out that company’s social media accounts as some of the first results. Content that’s been highly interacted with is more likely to be indexed, so if your content is good and you adjust your accessibility settings to rake in more views, your company’s SEO ranking will automatically rise.

How to Create a Great “About Us” Page that will Attract more Customers

This is the kind of Businesses often put a great deal of effort into building their business websites, but they tend to neglect their “About Us” page, focusing more on organizing their products, services, and contact information instead. Unfortunately, this is a missed opportunity, as many customers are interested in learning how your company came to be and what it stands for. Take a look at your “About Us” page and fix any of the following fundamental errors you find.

When it comes to writing effective content, avoid writing more than a couple paragraphs about your origins and achievements as a business. Though your audience will want to know a bit about that, it becomes tiresome to read after too long. Aim to explain what your company’s goals and beliefs are, and how you go about fulfilling them in a friendly, appealing manner.

When creating their business website, several companies make the mistake of only putting their products and services under the tabs labelled as such. However, putting a few of these things into your About section can entice customers and boost your sales. Mention how the website is laid out and where they can find certain items, making sure to explain what makes you a better choice than your competitors.

Need-to-Know Rules when Creating Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads - Did you know you could get banned from Instagram if you don't follow their advertising guidelines?If you frequently use Instagram for marketing, you won’t just need to create good advertisements - you’ll also need to know the social media platform’s rules to avoid being banned. Read on to discover the most important policies Instagram requires marketers to follow.

When you post an ad on Instagram, you immediately give the social media platform the ability to use it in certain ways. Instagram obtains the rights to the ad, though these rights can be given to others as well, and can use it for free even if it generates income. Instagram can also sell their license to a third party that can then use your ad as they wish.

All of this means that advertisements with outstanding photos can be used by Instagram or other entities without compensating you. Most of the time, Instagram chooses not to do this, as it could quickly ruin their reputation. But marketers are warned of the possibility before they begin to advertise on the platform so they won’t be surprised if it ever happens.

If your company chooses to do a contest or giveaway on Instagram to grow its following and customer awareness, you have to make it clear that Instagram has no part in it, stating that the contest isn’t linked to or funded by the platform in any way. Failing to do this can result in a banned account or another unwanted outcome.

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