Five Tips to Help You Use Data to Make SEO Content More Relevant

five seo tipsGoogle and other leading search engines are making significant shift from traditional SEO to content rich quality promotion. Despite numbers of content oriented algorithms changes, the importance of relevant keywords and meta data is intact; however, numbers of other factors also have became powerful to contribute in content’s quality. According to statistics, Companies blogging about the topics that create the interest of target audience get almost 67% more business leads. How do these people assess the content topics that their clients explore? Following tips will help you use data to make SEO content more relevant.

Seven Predictions You Must Know Before Starting Your Blog In 2016

seven predictions you must know before startingBlogging has been a powerful marketing tactic to improve SEO, to drive traffic, to position the brand and to support ORM. Blogging has become the essential part of any online marketing strategy but because of becoming a traditional and common practice, you need to do something different to secure better blogging benefits in 2016 and after. Following predictions about the changing trends in 2016 will help you blog with cutting edge.

5 SEO Mistakes You Commit Without Knowing To Suffer in Rankings

5 seo mistakesSearch engine ranking is a critical aspect of inbound marketing; SEO remains at top while planning for websites designing and the promotion for internet marketing. Everyone with business website invests for SEO, no matter, how much or how long. I know many people in my community who are not satisfied with the gains from SEO investments. The common reason behind this poor experience is their non-structured traditional approach while the SEO has changed much during last couple of years because of the Google’s algorithm updates released to improve users’ experience. If you too want to gain, improve and sustain search engine ranking, you should avoid these five mistakes that you might be doing without knowing.

Three Mobile Marketing Trends You Should Know To Plan SEO 2016

three mobile marketing trendsRecent consumers’ behaviors and trends are forcing the digital transformation through the increasing use of mobiles and expectations for best of class mobile viewing experiences. Companies, poised for unabated planned growth, need to re-assess the current approaches, methodologies, technologies, service standards and investments. According to a press release by ABI Research- Christine Gallen, m- commerce is expected to share 24.4% of overall e-commerce revenue by 2017. So, as we are stepping ahead to welcome 2016, it is must to review and optimize our marketing and execution plans according to changed buying habits. Here, I share three latest mobile marketing trends to help you plan SEO 2016.

Five Simple Tricks to Generate Traffic through SMO in 2016

five simple tricksSEO and SMO both are familiar terms but with a difference in common perspective about traffic gains. Majority of people believe that SEO is performed for getting the traffic through search engines while SMO is performed just for branding through social networking. These people are right in their basic concepts but in the competitive business environment, you need to do something different. Have you ever thought ‘getting traffic through SMO’? The concept may surprise you but it is possible. The following tricks will help you to generate quality traffic through SMO in 2016 and beyond.

Four Simple and Safe SMO Tips To Use Other Peoples’ Content

four smo tipsMy family friend Derick Jill owns a nicely managed ecommerce store in Canada but the promotion always troubles him. The major reason to trouble him most is the cost and time investment for fresh content development, he needs for SMO as part of SEO and ORM etc. When I suggested him to use the other peoples’ content to subsidize his current cost and time investment for SMO, he was surprised just to say, ‘is the possible and safe?” I know the title of this post may raise your eyebrows also but it is possible with following five ethical SMO tricks.

Simple Tricks to Generate Traffic Through SMO in 2016

simple tricks to generate trafficStill, numbers of web owners have confusion about the role of SMO in perspective of traffic; Tony Chapel, my friend and owner of ecommerce store since three years, is also one among these people. He knows about SEO, SMO and ORM like terms but the internet marketing plans by SEO Companies make him confuse to decide. Like the majority, his major concern is also the traffic but when I ask him about the leads or conversion rate, he is clueless. I agree, limited budget may not allow you for SEO and SMO both simultaneously while both have their own importance. However, following SMO tricks generate traffic also besides ensuring all the SMO benefits.

Five Great Benefits of ORM You Can’t Afford To Miss

online reputation management

Online reputation management (ORM) delivers multidimensional benefits to any size business because the positive client’s experience directly correlates with willingness to deal and buy. ORM is the secret force to inspire the client to feel that brand is loyal. Numbers of areas influence the opinion of clients; thus, ORM is planned to manage the brand image in all the areas through various platforms.

Five Content Marketing Tips for Competitive SMO

marketing tipsSince the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm, social media optimization (SMO) has become the critical exercise to support SEO, ORM and marketing plans. Content marketing has become the standard practice for competitive SMO because it delivers; however, if everyone is after the content marketing then you need to be different in strategy to garner better results. Wrestling to infuse maximum content through every possible social channel may not deliver because effective content marketing needs to be objective oriented. Following tips will help you in content marketing for effective SMO.

Chat online Vs Phone call, which one I should have on my web!

phone vs chatIt is a well established fact that interactive websites perform better in terms of leads generation, conversion rate, repeat order and community building etc. Chatting, phone call and email support are the critical interactive tools to empower the websites to keep the visitors engaged. However, many of my clients often ask which one of these is most effective; and, I always rank chat online and phone call supports before the email support. Majority of online buyers avoid email route to get the required information because it is time consuming and full of uncertainty in response; still, you should have this communication tool on your website for the interactions that need documentation support and previous communication record. The chatting and phone call are the preferred support channels because of being instant responsive. Both have their own importance; so, you should essentially have both of these. However, discussions over chatting vs phone call may help you to manage the online support better.

Make Your Brand Ready For Internet Marketing

SMbrandingOnline branding is the important aspect of any internet marketing strategy; brand value is the platform over which internet marketing plans are built to be executed in a personalized way. Social media helps you to reach deep in the communities but in the absence of a particular brand banner, every effort fails to connect the potential buyers and stakeholders with your business. I see numbers of people saying that their website traffic is good but the conversion rate is very poor. The major reason responsible for such a common feel is ineffective positioning of brand in the digital world. Following tips may help you to empower your brand for convincing and compelling the potential buyers and to expand your community as well.

Must have Marketing Tools for smooth ride in 2016

marketing toolsThe growing power and new emerging trends of social media and other interactive channels compel the marketers to change the marketing strategies and practices accordingly. The rapid change in consumers’ behavior makes the online marketing a complex involving affair. Even the good performing websites get the sudden set back in ranking and conversion rate leaving the marketers to probe the reasons. Thanks to some easily available online marketing tools that will help you glide smooth in 2016.

Traffic Is There But No One Buys, Why?

Sales funnel picture5 1 2013I often get mails from the web owners who accept traffic improvement after outsourcing SEO but also complain in parallel for low conversion rate or poor sale. As per my experience, it normally happens when the goals are not defined clearly with priority and the SEO Company starts the marketing campaign in hurry just to grab the business opportunity. If you too experience the same problem, analyze your marketing strategy to optimize it for the top priority- conversions.

Do I Have Enough Content! How Much?

how much banner 579x177When most of latest updates in 2015 by Google including Panda 4.2 (July 17, 2015) and Rankbrain (26th October 2015) are related to content quality, a big question that often takes place in discussions is about the adequate quantity of digital content for internet marketing. I don’t have any hitch in saying that very few web owners and even the marketers are confident to justify the limit of content production for marketing. Do you have any scale to fix the content quantity that you use for internet marketing? Honestly speaking, there is no set metric to justify adequate quantity of digital content for particular internet marketing campaign; still, you need to cap the content creation for optimizing the online marketing according to available budget; and; the capping limit depends upon numbers of factors as I explain below:

Five Tips to Use Your Brand Champions For Internet Marketing

brand championAre you looking to do something new to boost up the internet marketing? I know, it is an ever going concern for all the businesses. Although the smart marketers keep tracking new trends and practices in internet marketing; still, you have a less exposed internet marketing trick to improve the gains. And, it is to create and use ‘brand champions’.

How Your Brain Ranks With Google Rankbrain?

RankBrain Hummingbird Google SERP AlgorithmOn 26th October 2015, Google confirmed addition of another layer to its algorithm structure for refining the search results further. This time update is named Rankbrain; and, it is being said that it is the 3rd-most important signal determining the results of search queries (The first two are still not confirmed by Google people). If it is so, you should train your brain to rank good with Rankbrain.

Ranking Factors That You Must Know For Better Marketing

ranking factors

Improving the rank is a never ending spree for the marketers because visibility is the core of any internet marketing strategy. Numbers of factors contribute in ranking of search results but some of those are critically important to support your marketing activities. Despite the continuous reshuffle in search engines algorithm parameters by Google, I have a compiled most effective ranking factors that will help you plan better your marketing activities through 2015 to 2016.

7 Tweaks to Increase the Conversion Rate after Mobilegeddon

mobilegeddon2 ss 1920 800x450Coming across new algorithm updates after Google Penguin, Google Panda has become a common experience but the focus of SEO masters immediately shifts to avoid any adverse impact now and in future. A new powerful algorithm update named ‘Mobilegeddon’ was introduced by Google on April 22, 2015. What was new this time? The answer is- it was a pre-announced algorithm update that Google rarely does. Does it make some special sense to you? Yeah, it was powered to deliver serious impact on existing rankings.

Tips To Cop -Up With Phantom-2 Update for Improved Rankings

google phantom update 2The morning of May 9, 2013 was full of surprises for the SEO masters and web owners with an eye upon the search results ranking. Some websites were ranking better while some had slipped down in search results but the actual cause was unknown. Ranking reshuffle was noticed even about 60%+. I had received several calls by 10am; each enquiry was about the cause or any update. But, frankly speaking, I too was like others. As the multiple hunts including one by Glenn Gabe were on to know the cause, result came out soon with confirmation of brewing of new update started on May 8th, 2013. On digging deep, I came to know that Google secretly rolled out ‘Phantom’ while the SEO community was expecting Penguin 2.0. Phantom was concerned only about the content quality but not the links quality. And, after two years since Phantom, we noticed the new serial update named Phantom-2 rolled out on May 3, 2015.

How silently Google impacts your online business success with Panda 4.2 Google’s Update

google panda logoEach Google update creates ripples in the world of web masters and internet marketers; and, in the spree of being smarter than today, Google continuously makes the changes in search result algorithm. Many of these algorithm updates take place silently; and, you come to know about these only after noticing the sudden drop in the web’s ranking. If you feel sudden ranking drop despite the best SEO efforts, you may be missing an important update named- Panda 4.2 introduced silently on July 17, 2015. Google’s Gary Illyes had already made announcement about possibility of Panda 4.2 at SMX Advanced (June 2015) but he was not sure about the accurate time.

Data-Driven Tips to Crop up Quality Inbound Links

Keeping the SEO in line of Google's algorithm updates is an engaging task for online marketers who always look for safe and effective ways to improve the authority of published content. Quality backlinks help your website to grow, especially, when the concern is the authority of website content. Today, cropping up the quality inbound links is the pivot for any digital marketing and search engine optimization plan. If your content has high readability and viewership with great potential of more likes and shares, more web owners would like to share the space for your content with inbound link. Following data driven tips will help you to get more accountable inbound links at valuable websites.

Tips To Diagnose and Fix Google Penalty Issues

The unexpected Google penalty is not something new. Despite doing the best to follow the Google’s guidelines, your website may still suffer with penultimate action. Matt Cutts sates, “Google initiates more than 400,000 penultimate actions every month”. Many times, it goes unnoticed unless your website gets serious impact on search result ranking. Can you afford the shocking slip in search result ranking because of Google’s penalty that too without knowing the valid reason? Following tips will help you to diagnose and fix the Google penalty issues for quick damage control.

7 Noahtic Commandments to Monitor & Manage Online Reputation

Online Reputation management has become indispensable for businesses because the freedom to act in modern digital environment allows the customers and competitors to litter the digital spaces with whatever they like. Online reputation management helps to establish yourself as the authoritative and credible resource for whatever you do by managing the relevant and useful search results about your business on first page.

You're Kidding Me? Websites Need an Audit?

One of my clients was investing good efforts and money for promoting his business website before approaching me; still, he was upset with results. The implemented SEO practices, he shared with me, were also good to deliver the results, but an important element of online promotion, he was missing, was the website audit. Surprisingly, the involved SEO Company didn’t make it. There are numbers of website owners and digital marketers who ignore the importance of website audit but race for search results ranks wasting their time and efforts. Hopefully, your SEO partners wouldn’t be kidding you.

6 Fascinating Takeaways from SMX EAST SEO Conference

Being at SMX EAST (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2015), New York City was a great opportunity to dive deep into the innovative SEM and SEO tactics. The exposure to numbers of themed sessions, clinics and keynotes was the rarest chance to find out the effective solutions for the most complex challenges that trouble you often. The inspiring environment and professionally planned events throughout the SMX East conference at Jacob Javits Convention Center created an ideal platform for the SEM and SEO experts to pick away new ideas. Here, I share my seven takeaways from SMX EAST SEO conference to help you plan better for SEM and SEO:

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