7 Trends to look out for in 2016

7 trends to look out for in 2016 The world of digital marketing is in constant transition. This constant change means each year tons of new hardware, new software, new companies, and new user preferences influence the way businesses are structuring themselves online. These digital trends can come and go in a blink of an eye while others remain proactive and dominate the market for years. Those who follow trends and adapt to the constant shifts and changes in the needs of these internet users will be the most successful in cementing their standing as industry leaders. And those who do not will definitely wish that they did.

Should SEOs Only Care About DIRECT Ranking Signals in Google?

direct us indirectToday’s topic is something that many in our industry debate about. Direct Ranking signals vs. Indirect ranking signals. More often SEOs are usually related to the direct ranking signals, rather than a combination of both direct and indirect. Here we take a quick look at why you might want to consider a broader perspective when it comes to signal rankings and maybe even changing your strategy a bit to which will ensure a better ranking in Google. Because let’s be honest, there a lot of things that impact searcher satisfaction, user experience, engagement, branding, Amplification and amplification likelihood and saturation. All these things indirectly could impact positively on your ranking and if you’re ignoring indirect ranking influencers you may be ignoring a lot of potential visitors too.

Ground Breaking Benefits of Information Analysis

Ground Breaking Benefits of Information AnalysisImagine you could use your exposure and your vast pool of knowledge to make incredibly accurate forecasts. What if these predictions could save a life? The new hot app “MyShake” allows analyst experts to do just that. The app does not require anything from its consumers, but for the consumers to want to voluntarily assist in earthquake prevention. You simply install the app and the phone tracks rumbling or vibrations that are similar to that of an earthquake. In real time the analysts can see groups of many phones rumbling and accurately predict the severity of the earthquake as well as send warnings to those with the apps. Good information analysis is done when all that is required is that people actually want your product. There are already there because you understand what they want and you are providing them with this. This is much more cost effective than to having to bribe consumers with numerous benefits to collect your information.

Twitter Unveils Custom Emojis for NBA All Star Games

Twitter Unveils Custom Emojis for NBA All Star GamesTwitter is on fire this week! The once super popular app revealed recently that they had lost over 2 million users. Yikes. Not good news for Twitter's pocket book, but such news was then followed by unveiling some new features like their new algorithmic timeline that gives users the option to easily follow the best Tweets in their timeline. And why is it that people still flock to twitter? The answer is simple, custom emoji's and hash-tag based voting and guess what? This weekend NBA fans get both! Good play Twitter, good play!

The Rise of Snapchat & Politicians

the rise of snapchat and politiciansIn this day and age you cannot succeed in any marketing campagnes without the added touch of social media. By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world. According to Nielsen’s survey, smartphone users spend 89% of their time on apps. The popularity of one particular app is the focus of today's blog. The Snapchat app was introduced to modern consumers in 2011 and though it took a while to gain popularity amongst other apps such as instagram it has recently found itself as a driving force in the recent US presidental elections.

Why Adidas is Saying Bye Bye to IAAF

Why Adidas is saying Bye Bye to IAAFThe news may have come as a shock to millions of soccer fans and industry experts across the globe that Adidas is set to terminate its sponsorship contract with IAAF four years earlier. It's obvious that their decision to partway from IAAF sponsorship illustrates the growing influence of personalized marketing strategies through social media channels. The growing popularity of celebrity athletes promoting themselves, their teams and their brands through social media has really limited the importance of brand presence at event platforms. Thus making Addidas's sponsorship dissovlment and easy transition for the brand.

The Future of Your News Feed Means News you Actually Want to Read

The Future of Your News Feed Means News you Actually Want to Read

Facebook announced early this week on their company blog that users would be seeing some changes in the way posts were ranked in their news feed. The social media powerhouse went on to explain that they were now putting more emphasis on how "good" a post was aside from their typical straightforward engagement metrics such as Likes and clicks. These factors may tell us some things about what draws us to that particular post, but it doesn't necessarily tell us everything.

7 SEO Myth's That Can Do You No Good!

seven seo myths

The golden question has always been ‘How does Google's search engine operate'? Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, some of which is still under wraps and unknown. This causes for a lot of speculation in the SEO world as to what's true and what's false? To save you the hassle of trial and error with your own online business, we've complied a list of the newest SEO myths that you should avoid.

How to Combine SMO and SEO For Improved Gains

Ahow to combine seo smoction at vivid social media platforms is a critical part of digital promotion; no SEO strategy can be said complete without social media activities. Most digital marketers combine SMO and SEO for quick gains because social media has the proven power to boost up the traffic organically and through paid channels. Social link building increased traffic, enhanced domain authority, tapping of social media chatters to manage online reputation management are the key benefits of combining SMO and SEO for B2B and B2C both types of marketing. Here, I share some insights to help you proceed safe but effectively.

7 Free SEO Tools to Analyze Your Business Website

seven free seo toolsEach Google update leaves the marketers in confusing state until they get the website audit report according to new guidelines. 2015 has been full of algorithms updates; each one like Mobilegeddon, RankBrain, Panda 4.2 and Pahntom-3 etc reshuffled the search results ranking more or less. 2016 is not going to be different in this respect; we expect more quality updates sooner or later. In this scenario, analyzing your business website periodically becomes an inevitable exercise; and, following free SEO tools may help you diagnose Business Website to plan further.

5 Tips to Figure out Most Promising Keywords Your Potential Buyers Use

Kfive tips to figure out most promosing keywordseywords are no more important after Hummingbird’ is a killing SEO myth to make you suffer in 2016 ; the presence of particular keywords in search results at 1st page proves that keywords are as important as they used to be. The users’ behaviour of using keywords changes as they progress to buy; they use different keyword at enquiry stage while they use different while comparing at final stage of deal. Therefore, knowing the most promising keywords your potential buyers use may boost up SEO outcome and Des: conversions rate both; these tips are sure to help you in great way.

Why Content Marketing Is the Best SEO Trick

Wwhy content marketing is the best seo trickill content marketing take place of SEO in future? It is a hot discussing topic among the marketers and web owners but I don’t see any such possibility. I agree that both run parallel, support each other and even overlap each other; still, both are different because of their goals and prime objectives. Primarily, SEO is planned to hit at search engines while content marketing is executed to convince the target audience. Effective content marketing elevates the outcome of SEO because Google is investing best efforts to deliver the best information to its users; and content marketing does the same.

7 Data Driven Tricks to Attract Links for Smart SEO

seven data driven tricksAll the roads at link building landscape are full of bumps and humps; no doubt, it is the most popular and followed traditional SEO practice but recent changes in Google’s search results algorithms make it compulsory to take a different SEO route to gain and sustain the results. Here, I sum up seven data driven tricks to attract links for safe and promising SEO.

Seven Local SEO Tricks for Small Businesses to Capitalize

Numbers of prospective customers look for the nearest online source, strategic Local SEO helps you to catch that potentiaseven local seo tricksl. Since Google’s updates Pigeon (2014) and local pack-3 (2015), the local SEO has become more important for any size business but it becomes more important for small businesses with limited budget for online marketing that target local community. Here, I share seven cost effective local SEO tricks to improve your marketing gains for local community.

Five SMO Laws for Smooth Blogging in 2016

Tfive smo lawshe serious blogger have common complain who started blogging to support their online marketing, ORM, SMO and SEO efforts but not getting the traffic and response. The very common mistake triggering the problem was their wrong perspective; most of them write keywords centric just for SEO. Can you survive in digital social world without engaging the community? To succeed in smooth blogging, you must follow the five SMO laws mentioned below.

Simple SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid For Penalty Safe Website in 2016

Tsimple seo mistakeshe big concern for the SEO and the expectations for its rapid results may drive you to commit some mistakes that are sure to draw the penalties in one way or the other. It is true that SEO is inseparable from internet marketing strategy but you need to do it in guided way. During last few years, SEO has transformed completely because of numbers of Google’s search results algorithms. Today, you need to be more careful in SEO practices to avoid any penalty or adverse ranking impact in future; following simple tips may help you for safe and rewarding SEO.

Five SMO Tips for Improved Social Audience Engagement

SFive SMO TipsMO (social media optimization) is the integrated element of any online marketing strategy. As the target audience in each trade has more than before options to choose the best source after easy comparison on different parameters, you need to put extra smart efforts on social media platforms for better audience engagement. Following tips will help you keep your social audience engaged and to influence their buying decisions.

Five Essentials of Content Marketing to Support SEO & SMO in 2016 and After

Rfive essentials of content marketingecent shackles added search results algorithms have made the content marketing more important than ever. In 2015, it emerged as the most popular and practiced commercial trend for digital marketing; and, I find this trend getting more power in 2016 and after successful online marketing. According a report contributed by Jayson DeMers at Forbes, 76% B2C marketers use content marketing; and, 60% marketers take effective and engaging content production as a top challenge. When majority of marketers is after the content marketing, you need to do something special to be noticed in crowd by the search engines and audience both.

Tips To Fix Link Inefficiency for Healthy SEO

tips to fix linkMy friend Daniel, the owner of an ecommerce store in Ontario (Canada), always complains about low traffic despite investing good for SEO. Because of being in SEO, SMO field since a long period, I come across similar concerns from other web owners also. The reason for SEO failure in traffic drawing is very common but rarely noticed. Have you ever thought about ‘Link Inefficiency’? Link Inefficiency has become more important after the recent search results algorithm updates by Google that have limited the space and scope for creating the backlinks. Following tips will help you to identify and fix Link Inefficiency for healthy SEO.

New Laws of Social Media Marketing to Keep you on Right Track

new laws of social media marketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM) is relatively a new term if compared with SMO, SEO or online marketing etc but because of growing importance of social media in everyone’s life, SMM has become the essential to top at your to-do list. The 2015 can be said the dawn of social media for businesses; and, by 2016, you can expect two billion social media users. SMM helps you to see the target market close with personalized traits allows responding immediately to build up creditable ORM and helps you to tap the potential clients that you didn’t know. However, SMM is not just sharing the content over the multiple social media sites for the sake of backs links; instead, it needs to be laws bound for efforts oriented business gains.

Why You Need SMO and SEO Both For Successful Online Marketing

why you need seo smoSince decades, the comparative importance of SMO and SEO for successful online marketing has been a hot debate issue. Still, numbers of business owners are not in the position to decide what they need to emphasize more upon- SMO or SEO. Sometimes, this confused state becomes the opportunity for the SMO companies to get more profits on online marketing deals. To avoid this possible loss, you should have your roadmap with clear distant view so that you could customize and negotiate the best marketing plan.

Five Tips to Help You Use Data to Make SEO Content More Relevant

five seo tipsGoogle and other leading search engines are making significant shift from traditional SEO to content rich quality promotion. Despite numbers of content oriented algorithms changes, the importance of relevant keywords and meta data is intact; however, numbers of other factors also have became powerful to contribute in content’s quality. According to statistics, Companies blogging about the topics that create the interest of target audience get almost 67% more business leads. How do these people assess the content topics that their clients explore? Following tips will help you use data to make SEO content more relevant.

Seven Predictions You Must Know Before Starting Your Blog In 2016

seven predictions you must know before startingBlogging has been a powerful marketing tactic to improve SEO, to drive traffic, to position the brand and to support ORM. Blogging has become the essential part of any online marketing strategy but because of becoming a traditional and common practice, you need to do something different to secure better blogging benefits in 2016 and after. Following predictions about the changing trends in 2016 will help you blog with cutting edge.

5 SEO Mistakes You Commit Without Knowing To Suffer in Rankings

5 seo mistakesSearch engine ranking is a critical aspect of inbound marketing; SEO remains at top while planning for websites designing and the promotion for internet marketing. Everyone with business website invests for SEO, no matter, how much or how long. I know many people in my community who are not satisfied with the gains from SEO investments. The common reason behind this poor experience is their non-structured traditional approach while the SEO has changed much during last couple of years because of the Google’s algorithm updates released to improve users’ experience. If you too want to gain, improve and sustain search engine ranking, you should avoid these five mistakes that you might be doing without knowing.

Three Mobile Marketing Trends You Should Know To Plan SEO 2016

three mobile marketing trendsRecent consumers’ behaviors and trends are forcing the digital transformation through the increasing use of mobiles and expectations for best of class mobile viewing experiences. Companies, poised for unabated planned growth, need to re-assess the current approaches, methodologies, technologies, service standards and investments. According to a press release by ABI Research- Christine Gallen, m- commerce is expected to share 24.4% of overall e-commerce revenue by 2017. So, as we are stepping ahead to welcome 2016, it is must to review and optimize our marketing and execution plans according to changed buying habits. Here, I share three latest mobile marketing trends to help you plan SEO 2016.

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