Students Angry After False Email Claims They Cannot Graduate

Edinburgh University representatives say that an email sent to graduating students claiming some students had failed to complete their degree was the result of a system malfunction.
The email indicated that the recipient/student had not earned enough credits to successfully obtain their diploma. It even went on to claim that as a result of insufficient credits, the recipient would be unable to attend their graduation ceremony as a result of having to finish their studies later that year. Understandably so, the email caused much anxiety and stress to its recipients. The emails were sent out at night so to top it off, many students weren’t able to reach administration or staff members until the next morning to find out what was going on.

Google Uninterested in Disproving Gender Wage Gap

Upon accusations from the US Department of Labor of paying men more than women for identical jobs, Google claims that obtaining wage data is too expensive and time-consuming.

Company representatives explained in court in San Francisco that the data request would cost $100k and require around 500 hours of work, but these numbers aren’t all that outrageous considering Google’s yearly profit of $28 billion. The heated discussion between the two parties was first sparked in January with Google’s federal law violations related to salary records.

In addition to the bits of pay information labor officials collected from 2015 that show a clear wage gap, the department requires older data and employee contact information to complete one-on-one interviews now that Google has shot down unequal pay accusations. The company claims global equal pay across all races and genders, and refuses to release wage information in fear of violating privacy rights of employees and amendment rights of businesses.

How to find Customers on LinkedIn

It goes without saying that LinkedIn is the best online platform for all things business. With its ever-growing network, millions of businesses and consumers can find each other through a simple search. To increase your revenues by finding new customers, it’s essential that you know how to use LinkedIn’s search tool to its full advantage.

Type in words, phrases, and titles that match what you’re seeking to get a wider range of results. If you want to get more specific, use LinkedIn’s search filters to look up content, companies, people, and topics that use those terms. Connecting with consumers becomes much easier when these tools are implemented.

Posting a comment on a potential customer’s page can give them a casual introduction to your company and make the messaging process easier. Starting with a casual connection is better than contacting them out of the blue, and will likely build a stronger relationship. After that relationship is established, introduce the product and explain what your company stands for.

The Best Tactics For Continued Success

Many people fall behind, become distracted, or begin to procrastinate after a few years of work, no matter what that work is. If you want to achieve your goals and have a bright future, try out some of these tactics - they’re sure to keep you focused and driven.

Don’t put things off. Begin new projects as soon as possible, maintaining a reasonable outlook on how quickly they can be done while remaining high-quality. You’ll ultimately have more time to complete tasks that need completing. Whenever you’re tempted to jump right to your favourite pastime, remember that it will be waiting for you after you’ve dedicated a good chunk of your time to your greater goal. It’s a good idea to start with the harder portion of the task at hand to give yourself time to recuperate.

Acknowledging your mistakes can be painful, but it’s extremely important to do if you want to see improvement. When something goes wrong, investigate how it happened and how it can be prevented in the future. You’ll learn a lot this way. To reward yourself, put aside some time for your favourite activities or book a short vacation. Use these relaxing stretches of time as recharging periods. Working all day every day is like trying to sprint a 5km run, something no athlete would attempt.

Appealing to Millennials Through Social Media

With their lives based strongly on technology, the characteristics and decisions of millennials are often affected by social media. How and what millennials choose to buy is just one of the many things that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat can influence.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the advertising on these sites that draws millennials in, but rather the opinions of their contacts. Personal experience is extremely valuable to this generation, especially with the increase in social networking.

The numbers don’t lie: 47% of millennials claim that social media affects what they buy, and the likelihood of them paying for a product or service on the day they first see it shoots up to 29% when they use social media. With this in mind, why not try targeting millennials through social media platforms with the use of their marketing tools?

A look at McDonald’s Intriguing New Marketing Strategy

McDonald’s has just released its latest commercials, and there’s one thing about them that stands out: they don’t use the company’s name. In fact, they’ve decided to include Coca-Cola and Google instead.

Why did the fast food chain choose this tactic, exactly? It’s expected to target teenagers and young adults, an age group that reportedly prefers recommendations from friends and trying brands out for themselves over being directly advertised to. This is why ad campaigns that promote themselves in an aggressive manner often fail to bring in younger customers.

While these new commercials avoid using the brand’s name, they do include rising star Mindy Kaling to appeal to a more youthful audience. She mentions Coca-Cola and Google while encouraging consumers to find McDonald’s without saying the chain’s name. To make the message clear, she stands in front of a red background dressed in yellow. The fast food business is currently promoting its summer dollar drink deal.

How to Tell when your Marketing Strategy isn’t Working

Think you need to update your marketing approach? Take a look at what your current strategy is and analyze what it’s doing for your company. You may not be sure what to look for, so here are a few signs that indicate that you need to change your strategy.

If your views, shares, and mentions are minimal on all social media platforms, chances are you’re not advertising correctly. Taking the time to create a relationship with your target audience and then directing them to your profile is the key to gaining more customers. Download an analytics program that records the amount of interaction each of your posts receives. Reuse the formula of the ones that work and scrap the ones that don’t.

Drawing Attention to your Website via Instagram

Yes, it’s indeed possible to draw the eyes of potential customers to your Instagram page without posting pictures of magnificent landscapes or decadent meals. The photo-centric social media site is steadily growing in diversity and generating sales for startups, and now is the time for your company to take advantage of that.

One of Instagram’s most popular features is the space in each user’s biography to insert a link. If you create a new video, web post, or special offer that you want people to see, put it into your page’s biography and post a picture about the update with a caption directing your customers to the content.

For a more advanced approach, consider using Instagram ads. These ads are shown to users whose likes, interests, and location align with what your product offers, and they’re all equipped with a click function that takes the user right to your page. Setup is much like that of Facebook’s clickable ads, allowing you to choose a target audience based on specific criteria. The service costs as little as $5 to use, a real deal in the world of advertising.

JPEG files are One Third Smaller with Google’s new system

With its focus set on decreasing loading time for online services, Google has found a way to effectively shrink JPEG image files to 65% of their original size. The company’s first file reduction program, WebP, was released in 2014, but was quickly withdrawn due to the mere tenth by which it reduced size. Guetzli, the latest image reduction creation, is far superior to its predecessor.

Google’s new tool has many things in common with its gzip and PNG file reduction tool, a digital device that allows users to shrink the image files without the hassle of converting them. However, the company’s old program needed changes in user interface and digital processes to have a significant impact on loading time.

7 Tips for Getting Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

While professionals normally only spend time on LinkedIn when they are actively looking for a job, this is a mistake, according to CNBC contributor and top selling author on management, Suzy Welch.
There’s an army of recruiters constantly mining the 467 million people on LinkedIn to find the best candidates. Having on a mediocre profile, which is essentially an online version of your resume, could mean missing out on potential job openings.
“If you make your LinkedIn profile great,” Welch says, “your next job might end up finding you.”
Here’s how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by recruiters.
1. Complete the summary section.
“While you may have been told 100s of times to not have an objective on your resume, LinkedIn is different, Welch says.
The summary area on your profile is the best place to describe professional goals and your achievements. Indeed, it is considered by many recruiters to be the most important section.
“It’s a great place to showcase your motivations, interest, experience and skills,” says Welch.

Facebook Strikes a blow against Fake Account Ring

On Friday, Facebook announced that it had succeeded in taking down an extensive fake spam account operation. Their strategy was to target popular publishers with fake likes so as to gain more Facebook friends that the spammers would then in turn spam.
This operation has been going on for the last six months and was talked about in depth by Shabnam Shaik, a Facebook technical program manager, in a recent post on its security blog Friday.
These unknown groups behind the scam had created an extensive amount of fake accounts, which then began liking a publisher’s page and pushing out fake comments on to them.
The source of these accounts appear to be in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and in several other countries, Shaik described.
These groups employed “advanced tactics to hide that their activities were part of a carefully planned strategy. They employed a variety of hacks to avoid being caught, like using proxies to redirect traffic in order to hide data associated with their location.

You should like your Brand’s Name - And so should your Customers

Most companies put quite a bit of thought into what their brand name will be. If the business succeeds, the name will represent more than just the company. Thoughts, feelings, images, and ideas will all be associated with that name, and selecting something both unique and representative of your business can be tricky. Fortunately, there are several ways to inspire a brand name.

For small startups that want to maintain their modest size, a brand name that incorporates the company’s location can be a good option. Problems arise when the company chooses to grow past the borders of the city, region, or even country in the brand name. Customers may be confused as to where you’re located or which places you serve, though your origins will always be clear. If you do choose a brand name of the sort, be sure your business remains small and controlled.

Branding your company with your surname, and perhaps integrating a family connection, is a powerful way to stir emotions. However, there are many possible drawbacks to consider. Should the business be unsuccessful financially or legally, your name will be associated with that trouble for years, affecting your future relatives. On the other hand, business could run smoothly for decades, and then your family could express disinterest in taking over when you’ve retired, forcing you to leave the company to someone else.

Why Micro-Influencers are having a Bigger Impact than Ever

You have probably already heard of influencer marketing as a great way to boost sales for your business. Best of all, you don’t need someone as popular as Kim Kardashian to make your influencer campaign a success. Micro-influencers with niche audiences can give you an incredible ROI, especially for brands that don’t have a lot of budget.
Micro-influencers are always a great way to start. Finding those who fit your brand that allow you to test influencer marketing on a smaller scale is a great approach before pursuing it on a larger scale. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a micro-influencer for your next campaign.
1. Low Cost Experiment
The price of influencers can vary substantially and micro-influencers can offer the best bang for your buck. They charge $100 to $250 a post or even lower. And these people can be active in your industry and have 50,000 followers, so your name is still getting out there. For a couple thousand dollars you can secure several posts from influencers that already engage the audience you’re looking for.

Pepsi’s latest Commercial has caused a Public Outcry – Let’s Explore Why

One of the biggest names in the soft drink industry is under attack for the insensitivity of its most recent advertisement, featuring Kendall Jenner in a recreation of a real-life protest. From an outsider’s perspective, widespread complaints may seem worthy of an eye roll. Understanding what caused such a harsh reaction, however, explains why this piece of media can’t be trusted.

First and foremost, by putting together a joyful, ideal protest for their commercial, Pepsi undermines the harsh reality of those who have participated in such events and implies that they can be avoided through the use of their product. The overall message, therefore, is offensive and unrealistic.

Social Media Contests: Making Them Work

Social media contests are a great way to connect with potential customers in an era when everything has gone digital - but they’re not always successful. What’s different about the ones that work? You’re about to find out.

1. They draw in customers, not entrants. If the majority of your contest entrants aren’t part of your target audience, you need to change your strategy. Adding labels familiar to the group you want to draw in is an effective way to get their attention. Whichever niche you’re targeting, call them out directly; they’ll have a much harder time turning down your offer. To make your contest even more irresistible, connect it to an event that appeals to your target audience. Finally, choose a prize that potential customers would truly want to win. Offering ballerinas the chance to win a toolbox probably won’t go over well. Offer them a gift certificate to a ballet store, on the other hand, and you’ll catch their eye.

Don't get Snapchat?

As the pace of technology develops exponentially, it’s often people that need faster upgrades rather than software and applications. Many older adults, including a vast array of trend-spotting marketers and investors, are finding it difficult to keep up with Snapchat, a fun mobile application that allows users to send video and pictures with filters, captions or doodles that self-destruct after viewing.

Social media marketing nowadays is a lifestyle in and of itself that reflects life in real time, but not in the same space. The company based in Venice Beach released an 8-minute video during a Roadshow event to raise money for the Snap IPO to help those not as comfortable with the communications app. The video outlines the company’s market vision for investors while they learn its purpose and how to effectively navigate and use features in easy-to-follow steps.

Wondering Who Made the Most Money From the Snapchat IPO?

LOS ANGELES — Two under 30 year olds who previously attended Stanford University did the best off the Snap IPO.
They are Bobby Murphy, 28, and Evan Spiegel, 26, who were able to sell 16 million shares. Their shares were valued at 5.2 billion each for based on the closing price of the stock’s first day
Spiegel is the product visionary and CEO of the company whereas Murphy works as Snap’s chief technology officer.
But they weren’t the only ones to do well as several investors and long-time company employees either cashed out or are sitting on big paper gains.
With 6.6 million shares is Timothy Sehn, the company’s vice president of engineering. He decided not to sell any shares, but his paper value is estimated to be $165 million.
With 2.8 million shares is Imran Khan, Snap's Chief Strategy Officer, which are estimated to be worth $69 million. He joined the company after a stint at Credit Suisse where he helped orchestrate the IPO for the Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba Group, which was the biggest in tech history.

How One Company is Transforming Influencer Marketing

The ROI Problem Plaguing Influencer Marketing may finally be solved.
For quite some time, influencer marketing has been a buzzword among marketers, salespeople and PR professionals. The fact that it’s still with us after many years is a testament to its power to drive sales and engagement, but also suggests how little brands and influencers alike really get it.
Looking from the outside, influencer marketing is tailored for a marketing world where social media dominates and there’s content overload. Basically, those who want to reach audiences with their messaging need to connect with people who already have followers.
For example, if you are going to launch a fashion company, there would be huge benefits to having a well-known writer or model from a fashion magazine posting a photo or sharing a link, with a few friendly words of course, related to your brand on Twitter or Instagram.

New Earpiece Translation Device

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on foreign language lessons, immersion school or packing clumsy language dictionaries, those days are drawing to a close with the help of a new wearable tech that bridges the awkward language gap in real time.

Brooklyn-based Waverly Labs’ new prototype, the Pilot Translating Earpiece, is a translation device similar in fashion to earbuds with ambient noise canceling microphones. The earpiece can near instantaneously translate more than 15 different languages including Italian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hindi, Greek and English. The device fits comfortably in the outer ear canal and works via an online app on a wide range of smart platforms.

Japan saves the world: develops tiny drones to pollinate flowers

A pocket-sized drone could be the answer to a growing threat to our world's flora: the decreasing population of honeybees. Japanese researchers have successfully developed tiny drones, which are capable of pollinating flowers. This groundbreaking, artificial pollinator comes from Eijiro Miyako, a chemist at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan. Horsehair bristles are attached to the remote-controlled drones, which are capable of coating them with a special gel. The gel enables these tiny drones to gather pollen from flowers and similarly to honeybees, distribute them.

Facebook Copies Snapchat

Facebook makes quite the habit of copying Snapchat concepts. The idea of imitation being the highest form of flattery might not be such a compliment for Snapchat in the latest turn of events. From the not so successful feature Poke, to Stories on Instagram, and now Messenger Day, the older company has matched its younger competitor feature for feature with nothing new but a name change. Facebook is known for buying up potential rivals but Snapchat was not impressed with the over $3billion offer made by Mark Zuckerberg in 2013 for the company. Snapchat was warned that Facebook also had a clone of its upcoming feature.

Astronomers Find 7 Earth-Sized Planets Around Nearby Star

A small, faint star has recently been discovered relatively close to our planet earth. While this fact in of itself is only somewhat interesting, it is the rest of the discovery that has scientists and much of the rest of the world buzzing. Discovered around these nearby star are seven planets similar in size to earth.

While a great deal of research still needs to be carried out, astronomers have thus far found that with these seven planets, the conditions seem to be right for liquid water. This translates to conditions that could also be ideal for life.

The discovery has set a number of records. Not only does this record apply to the most Earth-sized planets, but it is also the greatest number of potentially habitable planets ever found around a single star.

The Swipeable Instagram Carousel

Instagram doesn’t just want you to use their Snapchat Stories-like feature to share more than a complete, single image of your experience. They want you to share stories like these through your normal feed as well. To that end, they have created Carousel, which is designed to make it easy to share one video or ten images in a single, swipeable post.

Think of them as Instagram albums that offer up permanent photos/videos around a specific theme.

Is Video The Dominant Digital Marketing Trend?

Online marketing trends either evolve or simply disappear from the landscape altogether. As we continue to search for new and effective ways to market our brand or business, we find ourselves considering new technologies, new possibilities, and new channels. Video marketing isn’t a new concept but it has proven itself to be something that is more than capable of adapting to the times.

With a billion users signing in each day, watching hundreds of millions of hours of video, YouTube continues to be a leader in the world of video marketing. YouTube also has one of the strongest holds on that coveted 18 to 49 viewership. YouTube grew by more than forty percent over the course of the past year.

Facebook Tips for Entrepreneurs

Are you taking advantage of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool? If you’re not sure whether you’re marketing your business correctly on Facebook or not, we’ve compiled some tips to get you started!
If you fail to follow Facebook’s guidelines, especially concerning Facebook ads, your business can get into some serious trouble. Facebook is known to deactivate businesses' advertising accounts due to improper use.
Make sure to publish a post to your business’ Facebook page once a day. Your followers will notice if you haven’t been posting . Make sure that most of  your posts provide valuable info--remember, if you don’t give your fans a reason to keep coming back for more, they won’t.

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