You're Kidding Me? Websites Need an Audit?

One of my clients was investing good efforts and money for promoting his business website before approaching me; still, he was upset with results. The implemented SEO practices, he shared with me, were also good to deliver the results, but an important element of online promotion, he was missing, was the website audit. Surprisingly, the involved SEO Company didn’t make it. There are numbers of website owners and digital marketers who ignore the importance of website audit but race for search results ranks wasting their time and efforts. Hopefully, your SEO partners wouldn’t be kidding you.

6 Fascinating Takeaways from SMX EAST SEO Conference

Being at SMX EAST (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2015), New York City was a great opportunity to dive deep into the innovative SEM and SEO tactics. The exposure to numbers of themed sessions, clinics and keynotes was the rarest chance to find out the effective solutions for the most complex challenges that trouble you often. The inspiring environment and professionally planned events throughout the SMX East conference at Jacob Javits Convention Center created an ideal platform for the SEM and SEO experts to pick away new ideas. Here, I share my seven takeaways from SMX EAST SEO conference to help you plan better for SEM and SEO:

Tips to Republish SEO Content with License

Convincing and compelling 3rd- party content is being used widely to add extra edge to digital marketing. It helps you to keep the wider segment of audience engaged and informed through numbers of websites and interactive channels including social media. Getting the quality and purpose oriented content every time can be a costly and complex affair but republishing SEO content with license takes care of this issue ensuring several benefits including- choice to choose the best, accountable SEO support, quality management, regulated compliance, time saving etc.

Tips to Create More Engaging Landing Pages

The battle of conversion rate is won by the efficacy not by incorporating maximum aesthetic features to landing pages. Almost 40% visitors leave your website just because of delay in loading. And, there are many other factors too that drift your casual visitor to another website. Can you survive in highly competitive environment just by infusing intensive off page SEO efforts? The key to success in online business environment is to retain and impress the first time visitor in the shortest possible period. The following tips will help you to design the most optimized landing pages.

Innovative E-Commerce Solutions to Boost Sales on Mobiles

Attracting more visitors to your responsive ecommerce site is just the successful start; helping them to find the products with minimum navigation is the next critical task to convert more visits into sale. Exponential growth in mobile ecommerce elevates the competition level also; so, you need to have features enriched site specially optimized for mobile clients. These technically proven and trends supported ways may boost your ecommerce sales on mobiles:

Benefits Of Content Crowd Sourcing That Make Marketing More Effective

Today, content marketing is inevitable practice of any SEO and SMO plan irrespective to its size and prime objectives. After the Panda Update in 2011, the search term “content marketing” started to move upward on the graph of popularity. Nowadays, everyone is after the content marketing for one reason or the other. On the other side, cost of quality content development is a big concern for the web owners with limited budget. Ever increasing action on social media platforms gives us a solution called ‘crowd sourcing’- a new term defined for business marketing.

Tips To Optimize Marketing Strategy for Target Keywords

Keywords analytical research is the key element of not only the search results ranking but also for any online marketing strategy. Keywords research analytics help us to know- the popular trends in target audience community, what devices they use to find the information, what phrases they use, what phrases are most used etc. Therefore, it is must to optimize the marketing strategy for the target keywords to address the audience in attracting, involving in impressive manner.

Tips to use blogging as SEO machine

Whether you're starting a business or just looking to share some of your insight with the world wide web, it goes without saying that blogging can help you become a SEO machine.  We can now see that blogging has become a widely celebrated tradition in the online community but yet it is very rare for blog posts to actual discuss the SEO efforts that go towards making them successful. And while some may argue  that they only write blogs to merely vent or share a point of view, the truth is simple, if the quality of blogging is good and your blog posts are essentially solving peoples problems, with a little tweaking you can make major SEO gains which can lead to more traffic.

Make SEO More Effective with Content Audit

The content audit is the inventory of published website content that simplifies the identification of flaws affecting the SEO results adversely. The content audit is the only effective way to understand the quality and structure of the website content; it has become an inseparable part of any SEO strategy after Google’s Panda Update. Google’s Panda Algorithm Update (February 2011), a new filter, was introduced to stop the websites with poor content to make the way into the top results.

Tips to Make Social Media Content More Engaging

There appears numbers of posts highlighting the importance of social media in internet marketing but very less is said about the content and to make it more engaging. An engaging, convincing and compelling content helps to garner more in terms of followers, comments, shares, likes, clicks to shared links etc. If you too are not satisfied with the outcome of your regular SMM efforts then it is time to evaluate the content quality.

Content Marketing

The regular creation and distribution of quality content is the key ingredient for your business’ recipe for success. Content marketing is essential if you want to build your brand, expand your network, and most of all, increase sales.

Content is just as important as website design. It’s the key factor behind search engine results, sends targeted traffic to your page and can help establish your company as an online authority in your area of business. You also have to keep your competition in mind. With so much content out there, you need to be sure to stand out and offer your readers/viewers something of value.

If you haven’t created a marketing plan of attack yet, you definitely want to us about upcoming trends first! Even if you’ve mapped out all your strategies, feel free to consult us to fine-tune what you already have. Content marketing is an ever-evolving field that’s accelerating like never before in our digital age.

Be it visual, video, written or user-generated content, we'll determine which best suits your audience and better yet, we'll know how to best promote it! Content marketing is formed by two factors: technology and our audiences. If we need to choose a focus, let’s choose our audience. It’s always been about them, hasn’t it? They dictate what content they prefer, where they spend time online, who or what they trust etc. The technology surrounding content marketing such as the platforms and strategies, are there to engage and encourage interaction with our audiences.

Our content creators here at Unlimited Exposure are experienced in a wide variety of topics and know how to produce effective yet creative content. Be it content for SEO purposes, a business website, or a blog post, our team has the know-how to make sure your content jumps off the screen!

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