Make no Mistake, Twitter has an Abuse Problem

In the middle of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Twitter reveals its abuse problem.
Twitter has proven itself to be an embarrassment, after having suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan following her use of Twitter to speak out against the sexual harassment of women in Hollywood. McGowan is among the names associated with the sexual harassment allegations held against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

 Now, it is important to note that Twitter did not manually shut down Rose McGowan’s account. It was through the site’s anti-abuse algorithms that the suspension was triggered. This in and of itself highlights a major problem with Twitter. This is a site that is willing to allow users utter unspeakable statements of harassment towards women and that allows accounts to spread messages of racism and discrimination of all varieties. Yet, when Rose McGowan protests the mistreatment of women in Hollywood and the sexual harassment culture that persists in that realm, Twitter shuts her down.

 Though her account has been reinstated, the silencing of a victim of sexual harassment reveals a lot about Twitter’s culture and the ways in which Twitter has built its algorithms.

 When some accounts have contacted Twitter regarding hate speech and threats of rape against them, Twitter’s response has traditionally been that such comments does not violate the site’s community standards. This highlights a clear case of an infrastructure that does not respect women, that does not encourage women to come forward when they are being harassed, and that openly allows such harassment to continue. Despite Twitter’s rules stating clearly that targeted abuse, the harassment of others, and direct or indirect violent threats would not be tolerated, the social media platform has sent a very different message to victims.

How to Prepare for a Social Media PR Crisis

How to avoid a social media PR nightmare
Nowadays, almost every week, somewhere in the world there is a major brand who makes a social media faux-pas, engaging them in some form of contemporary PR crisis.

 There exist many ways that a social media PR crisis can happen i.e. a tweet that was published at the wrong time, a misspelling and typo, an external brand crisis, or a bad joke.

 In the same way you want to do everything to prevent a social media PR crisis from happening, it’s also important to be ready to deal with it if it does occur. Always think ahead, and keep up to date on strategies to stop any crisis and to mitigate the impact of one. These are the approaches we have found to be the most helpful.

 Get Prepared

 Social media feedback that is negative causes even some of the world’s biggest brands to begin panicking. To some extent, build a team that will be responsible for managing a crisis, with each individual knowing full well their required duties responding to a PR crisis.

 Secondly, have an updated stakeholders list, employees, and customers on hand who you may want to keep in the loop.

 Thirdly, have a press release or statement model/template ready to go that can be edited quickly in a time when you need to respond in a flash.

 Fourthly, identify rules that your staff will have to follow when responding to a crisis. Inform employees not to speak about any crisis with the public without obtaining the consent of the crisis team.

14 Ways to Maximize Success in SEO and Content Marketing

14 ways to get the most out of your SEO and content marketing strategies
Content performance, SEO standards, and brand marketing are three themes at the centre of what it takes for a website to be successful in today’s online marketplace.

 These 14 ways to maximize success in SEO and content marketing build on basic tenants of online website development, optimizing them for the current landscape of consumers.

 Remember to employ these as you build your content base, optimizing constantly for maximum ROI.

 Understand your Target Market

 Most entrepreneurs and companies think that they ‘know their audience’. The ability to know one’s audience however should be an ongoing exercise. Every company should be evaluating regularly key information on who their customers are, such as identifying where they browse online, what their intent is when performing searches, and how they engage your brand on social media.

 Perform relevant Topical Research

 You need to truly scope out your competition within your industry. When placed versus another brand, blogger, influencer etc you are competing for clicks and customers. Identifying the gaps that are not being covered in the marketplace by your competitors and studying similar companies’ marketing can help identify opportunities to craft engaging content.

The Right Tactics to Succeed in High Cost Paid Search Clicks

The Right Tactics to Succeed in High Cost Paid Search Clicks
In competitive industries where CPCs are higher than average and paid search is more difficult, it’s still possible to find success by using the right approach. Don’t be discouraged from stepping into a space where per-click cost is high.

 Yes, some clicks are more expensive than others but you stand to lose a lot if you don’t engage in some way with PPC campaigns. So what do you do – follow these eight tips to a tee. This information should give you more confidence going into battle.

 Up your Quality Score

 ‘Quality score’ combines expected click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. By manipulating a variable such as the amount of landing pages and the relevance of your keyword to these landing pages, you can boost your quality score. In a high cost-per-click environment, ensuring a high quality score is key.

 Eye up Location Targeting

 It seems basic but a surprisingly high number of people do not do location targeting well. Minimize wasted clicks by having your ad displayed in areas where they aren’t a waste of time. Target an appropriate geographic radius for your company’s business and check your website traffic periodically to ensure nothing outside of this is getting through.

9 Content Engagement Strategies that Work

9 content engagement strategies that workContent engagement strategies that work can help you up the number of visitors, increase conversion rates, and help a website build its audience slowly over time. There is an art to creating engaging content and yes, it may take some practice. But going off of these nine content engagement strategies, you are bound to see major improvements in no time.

 Get your Site in Order

 Studies have shown that in delaying your web page loading by as much as a single second, you increase your bounce rate by 56 percent. Before you get going with any content engagement metrics, optimize loading speed, responsiveness, and be weary of how many ads you use to fill a page.

 Pay attention to Aesthetic

 How you package your content is just as important to a visitor as to what is contained in the content. Consider the type of font you use, the way you want to present the information with images, the size of the font and images, and the color you use. Pay attention to competitors, specifically on these points.

Learn How to ‘Open Closed Eyes’ in Photoshop, using AI Smarts

 Are you one of those people who always has their eyes closed in photos?The new 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop Elements has included a new ‘Open Closed Eyes’ feature that will give users, for the first time, the opportunity to automatically open a person’s closed eyes.

 This is welcome news among photographers. The difficulty in capturing the perfect photo can sometimes be ruined by someone with their eyes closed in the shot. Currently, what editors do to compensate is by cloning that person’s eyes from an alternate shot. Thankfully, due to this new feature, this is so much easier.

 For Amateur Photographers, Life Just Got Easier

 Photoshop has literally hundreds of effects that would take months for any experienced editor to test and refine. Photoshop Elements is a more basic version of Photoshop, simplifying many of the more advanced techniques and is a better piece of software for beginners.

 Among the other new features that will be included in Elements are being able to turn a photo into a watercolor painting, automatic ghost-esque double exposures, and adding shape overlays to any photo, making this software a must-have for anyone into scrapbooking.

 Better yet, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 will even analyze thousands of photos, intelligently choosing the best shots to present to you. Its algorithm calculates this based on visible faces and other variables related to the technical quality of the shot. Swapping out the background of a photo can also easily be done in one-click. Of course, things can get more complex but for the most part, these features are manipulated through simple dragging and dropping. This new development will no doubt benefit bloggers, marketing companies and many other creative types by providing a quick-fix solution.

How to Hire a Freelancer for Your Project

Are you hiring the right freelancer for your project
Do you need a freelancer to help increase productivity, expand your company, or to help with a project – there are a few things you need to know. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, be smart about hiring a freelancer. This list makes up 10 key aspects of hiring a freelancer for your project. Be sure to keep these in mind as you embark on hiring a partner for your project.

 Plan the Freelancer’s Role in your Project

 Prepare a project brief to provide to a freelancer containing deliverables, timeline, and payment schedule. From a freelancer’s perspective, seeing this information upfront helps them determine whether your project is something of interest to them and whether it is something they can go. On your end, these are key aspects of a project you should be able to describe.

 Then, Write a Job Post to Appeal to your Target Freelancer

 Multiple replies will come in for any job ad requesting freelancers. Make it stand out, provide detail, and make it easy for freelancers to submit their own proposals. Remember to discuss your own business’s objectives for the role, provide information on the project, identify what you want from a freelancer, and indicate the payment rate here as well.

 Don’t be Afraid to Proactively seek out Freelancers

 If you know where to look online, searching for a freelancer yourself can also yield some very professional prospects. Many freelancing social media platforms provide search filters in areas such as languages, locations, rates, and even down to the skill. Performance ratings, testimonials, and examples of previous work are all important if you decide to venture out seeking a freelancer on these sites.

Why Social Media and Content Marketing should go Hand-in-Hand

Social media and content marketing - you can not have one without the other!
Crafting the most excellent content marketing strategy should not only be about getting it read by search engine-derived visitors and your usual audience. It should also be about getting it shared and re-shared on social media. To do that, you not only need content that has been optimized for social media sharing but you also need the audience.

 Getting it Shared far and Wide

 Seeing a piece of content catch fire and spread across the internet can be a thrill! The basics of this, as so many content marketing experts will tell you, is ensuring the content is of a high quality, having it be optimized for social media (such as a ‘how to’ or a case study), and having it be from a source that the audience can trust. This is just the beginning however towards getting those shares. There is WAY more to content marketing on social media than these few rules.

 You Need the Audience

 Above other factors, you need the right audience. Research has shown that users who encounter posts on social media rate the value of that post according to who shared it with them. Therefore, when it comes to spreading your content, you need to find a way to build an audience of people that other people are willing to trust and value.

 The Three Tiers of Fans

 This is difficult because many companies only promote their content to people who are already fans. The real job should be getting it to the second and third tier of fans, beyond the people who are already engaged with your brand on social media. The first tier are people who already follow your brand. The second tier are people who follow the people who follow your brand. The third tier are the followers of the second tier. Evidently getting exposure to second and third tier fans depends on the quality of the first tier. Common questions you might want to ask yourself in determining whether you have the right audience for social media sharing include how likely your audience is to function as trusted sources for their followers.

The Las Vegas Shooting and the Spread of Misinformation By Facebook

How fake news was spread on social media amidst the tragic Las Vegas shootingIn the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Facebook, Google, and social media was lit up with people trying to find out what was going on.

 Among this activity was the spreading of false news stories and misinformation, including most prominently the sharing of someone who was presumed to have been the shooter. That person’s name quickly spread across Facebook, based initially off a post on the alt-right forum 4chan. This accusation of this person being the shooter was proven to be false, despite Facebook’s claims otherwise.

 Even after police in Las Vegas identified the shooter, the internet-accused continue to have his name shared across Facebook. Top sites on Google searches continued to share that this man was the shooter. The 4chan forum where his name initially appeared attached to the Las Vegas shooting promoted their find as a ‘top story’.

 Why this happened somewhat has to do with the fast and flawed algorithms that are used by companies such as Google. Constantly crawling the web for new information, Google does not have the opportunity to verify every search result they receive. All they have to go by is keyword. Despite Google publicly apologizing for the error and having openly committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen in the future, spreading misinformation continues to be a regular occurrence on Google and social media in general, including Facebook.

5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Help Make you a Better and Faster Writer

5 keyboard shortcuts every writer should knowKeyboard shortcuts are always a good idea. The more you know, the faster your writing will be. These five keyboard shortcuts are designed to help make you a better and faster writer.

 It is important to make note that these are just the basics and the more that you write, it is encouraged to seek out more keyboard shortcuts that could help speed things up! For the purposes of this article, all keyboard shortcuts will be communicated using a plus symbol (+) to demonstrate the different keys that need to be pressed.

 Selecting Text

 Re-arranging text can take hours to do properly without a keyboard shortcut on hand to help. To edit quickly, you need keyboard commands. On a PC or a Mac, to select text, it’s the same keyboard shortcut. Place your cursor on either side of the text and use Shift key + Left Arrow or Shift key + Right Arrow key. Character by character, highlight what needs editing and then, decide on your next action.

 Copying Text

 Among the most basic keyboard shortcuts, this one is a major asset to any writer. To copy text on a Mac, hit Command + C. On a PC, use Ctrl + C. This action will copy the text that you have highlighted.

8 Ways to Get the Most out of Your PPC Campaign

Successfully optimizing a PPC campaign is a necessity to sustaining performance over timeSuccessfully optimizing a PPC campaign is a necessity to sustaining performance over time. Analyzing how a PPC campaign is working should reveal areas that can be improved. Organizational goals are usually never reached without repeatedly optimizing a PPC campaign. We know it can be overwhelming to tackle a PPC campaign like this and so we put together 8 ways to get the most out of your PPC campaign.

 Know your Keywords

 Choosing the wrong keywords wastes time and effort. Keywords are what drives ad assignments on search networks. Always ensure you have the right collection of keywords and create customized ads to those specific keywords. These are the lifeblood to any PPC campaign’s success so don’t just scan over a few keywords that you think might fit your website. Do your research. Limit these keywords to maximum 20 per ad group. Building an effective collection of keywords can jumpstart any PPC campaign. It’s just a matter of finding the right collection for your organizational goals.

 Identify Negative Keywords

 Sometimes, unusual searches might trigger your ads. Therefore, you want to consider the searches that may mistakenly bring up your ad and do what you can to limit the appearance of ads on these searches. Build a negative keyword list to maximize your PPC opportunities. Constantly, you want to be refining this list to ensure that you are showing up where you want to show up according to the unique, specific keywords attached.

Why Holiday Retail Marketing needs to Extend past Digital

Why holiday retail needs to extend past digitalSo many companies put all their eggs into one basket. They expect big sales focusing all of their attention on digital. From brands with limited financial resources all the way up to some of the world’s biggest retail corporations, holiday season selling has been increasingly focused on the digital space. Though this focus is not anti-sales, marketers need to realize that reaching consumers at home goes beyond digital.

 Driving online customers to online stores is important, yes. And it’s easy for both company and consumer. They want a new pair of shoes so they go online to your store, click on their favourite item, and some weeks later, they receive it via mail. Then, what happens from a marketing standpoint, typically is that the person who has made this person is then retargeted with ads for similar items.

 This is where problems start to occur and why we say not to invest it all in digital. This person has already bought the shoes they’re going to buy. To continually market to them shoes and shoe accessories, it has limited rewards. Even on a good day, an ad’s CTR is less than 0.2 percent. With many retailers making up to 30 percent of their annual revenue in November and December, there’s much investment made in this 0.2 percent. When you’ve got merchandise to move, this is not the only place your financial resources should be put.

Top Strategies for Link Building in Social Media Marketing

Top Strategies for Link Building in Social Media Marketing

Many individuals outside of online marketing underestimate the influence of social media marketing on search engine optimization (SEO). Within the marketing industry however, its value has long been established. For example, up to 88 percent of SEO marketing includes links to social media profiles, approximately 81 percent of these are shared social media content, and over 53 percent of marketers have experimented with viral campaigns at some point in the past year.

 Build your Social Media with Links

 It is common knowledge that links used in social media are not followed as it pertains to search engine optimization. Reddit is the sole exception to the rule however marketing via Reddit is not really a solid strategy for improving search engine ranking. Keeping this in mind, embedding links in your social media can actually be quite important for SEO. Why – because it generates traffic.

Why Are Female Influencers Avoiding Snapchat?

Why Are Female Influencers Avoiding Snapchat?
Snapchat continues to grow its user base with consumers from all walks of life jumping in. Delving past the obsessive pre-adult crowd and the growing millennial base, one area where Snapchat is not proving to be so successful is with female influencers.

 This past June, a study was published analyzing the social media networks female influencers prefer to use to connect with their audiences. This study found Snapchat to be the least important social network to this demographic of influencers. The top rated social network among female influencers was Instagram at 28.4 percent, with Pinterest at a close second with 26.4 percent of respondents calling it the most important social media platform to them. Both, Facebook and Twitter were less preferred but still scored significantly higher than Snapchat.

 So why is Snapchat not really catching the eye of female influencers – well, it’s hard to say. One theory is in the network’s design. Snapchat is meant to target a select group of people with short-form content, compared to Instagram which does the same short-form content concept but towards a more general collection of followers and general audience members. Therefore, Instagram might be ideal to reach out to new, interested parties compared to Snapchat which would only be advertising to the same audience again and again. When it comes to influencer marketing, the goal of an influencer is to earn money off of products and brands that they advertise. There’s more opportunity to hit more people on Instagram and other social media than there is on Snapchat.

How to Succeed at Holiday Email Marketing

How to Succeed at Holiday Email Marketing As we transition into the last quarter of the year, holidays start to come to mind. And with all the excitement surrounding Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s, companies have a great opportunity to launch a holiday-themed email marketing campaign. Here are a few ways your business can get the most out of the holidays.

 The timing of marketing emails is crucial, as messages that are sent too early or too late can deter recipients and knock several potential customers off of your mailing list. Avoid having your emails ignored or deleted by sending them at off-peak times when very few other companies are sending out their own. Your recipients will pay more attention to them and take the time to look through their content. If you’re having trouble determining the off-peak hours for your industry, look through the data on open and clickthrough rates and use that to experiment with different sending times.

 Start targeting lapsed customers during the holiday season. If they haven’t received anything from you lately or haven’t bought anything from you in a while, sending them a holiday-themed email can be the perfect prompt. To get their attention, be creative with your titles and introductions. Put interesting visual content and useful information into the body of your email to pack enough value to spark curiosity in the recipient, giving them reason to visit your website and perhaps purchase something while they’re there. It won’t work every time, but it’s much more effective during the holidays.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Agency

On the hunt for a content marketing agency?Sometimes the best way to get the word out about your content is through a content marketing agency. There are many available to companies who are willing to pay the price for one, but which of these agencies will meet your needs? Choosing one at random can be dangerous, so look for the signs below on your search for the ideal content marketing agency.

 Most agencies are ready and willing to help their clients, but neglect to ask what the client’s goals are. They should help companies form a business strategy by taking their goals and creating achievable checkpoints throughout the journey that the company can meet to near the end result they want. The ability to come up with a solid plan is the first and most important sign of a good content marketing agency.

 When you’ve come up with a realistic plan, your agency should prompt you to or help you with ideas as to where you can put your content and how you can adjust it to fit to each platform. Blogs are great, but they’re not always the best option if you want your content to be seen quickly after posting. The agency you choose should work with you to come up with new and interesting ways to put your content out into the world. This can include podcasts, videos, slideshows, infographics, and other underused formats that could be of use to your company.

Why Video Marketing is the Key to Business Success

Why Video Marketing is the Key to Business Success More and more companies are discovering the power of video marketing. Those who harness this power tend to see results quickly, but onlooking skeptics remain wary, clinging to the belief that video marketing is too expensive and complex. Unfortunately, those skeptics are missing out. Video marketing is not only affordable and simple, but it’s also extremely relevant.

 Now that people are paying more attention to videos than any other type of digital content, those who put lots of work into making great video ads typically fare better than their competitors do. They even trump the view count of photos, stirring emotions and creating more conversions in less time. Gone are the days of pricey licenses and equipment. We’ve entered the era of possibilities for video marketing.

Use Content Marketing to Build your Authority

Establish your brand as an authority online thanks to the right content marketing movesEvery company wants to be seen as an authority figure in their industry, but few companies actually know how to get there. We’re here to tell you that you can achieve authority status, regardless of the industry you’re in, and you can do it through content marketing.

 Before you create and publish article after article in a race to the finish line, realize that making yourself an authority figure takes time and planning, even if your products and services are amazing. First decide which area of your industry you want to cover. If you’re trying to become the industry’s number one influencer, your goal is too broad and difficult to meet. Choose one facet of the industry before you claim the entire thing.

 Only after you’ve chosen your industry sector can you start writing. And this writing can’t be standard: you need to find a way to separate yourself from the rest. How? Take an idea that’s been done before and add to it. Improve upon a concept that you know was well-received and you’ll draw attention to yourself, which is exactly what you want.

Your New Content Marketing Strategy

Your new Content Marketing StrategyIt’s easy for someone with enough passion and drive to jump right into a project they’ve always wanted to complete. Unfortunately, not knowing what they’re in for can spell out failure down the road. There are obstacles in any task, whether big or small, and content marketers can’t afford to ignore them due to the very nature of their work.

 Most people who take on the role of content marketer don’t know what kind of content is best to create. It’s always somewhat dependent on the company it’s promoting. Photos, video ads, live streams, podcasts, and other visual content in the marketing sphere today can be effective when used appropriately, but they often lack one of the most influential components of content marketing: good writing.

 Companies who opt for content marketing services need to employ good writers to develop clickable titles, interesting scripts, and multi-faceted articles to make contact with the audience they’re reaching for. It’s good for more than just gaining new customers and building your authority, however; it can also teach you more about the industry you’re in. Here are the most crucial parts of writing well.

 Start with a strong introduction. You want to get your readers hooked, and the best way to do that is to use a question, a story, or a quotation. It’s something small and personal that they’ll be happy to read more about. If you want to go one step further, try including a decent amount of keywords in your opening paragraph. You’ll push your Toronto SEO ranking up and make it clear which topics you’re addressing.

How to Use LinkedIn to Achieve Higher Sales and Better Leads

How to use LinkedIn to Achieve Higher Sales and better LeadsWith nearly half a billion registered users and individuals from more than two hundred countries engaged on LinkedIn, there is no better network to tap into if the intention is professional growth. Learning how to leverage a LinkedIn profile to generate higher sales, more qualified leads, and to build more effective business relationship is a skill every user should have. Yet, many don’t. The days of in-person business card exchanges being a businessperson’s primary networking strategy are over. If you haven’t already, join LinkedIn. Here’s why.

A LinkedIn Profile is your Online Business Card and it’s One you Need to Have

Every person on LinkedIn is there for more or less the same reason – to connect with other like-minded businesspeople and to expand their network of friends. Here is an opportunity to represent you and how you see your business with your name, title, and photo. Make every detail count. Choose the photo that best represents your intention and communicate professionalism with every visual or written opportunity.

Connecting with Others and those Business Relationships are Key to Success

No one becomes successful in business on their own. They become successful by surrounding themselves with a team of driven people with a similar mindset as their own. Invest some time into scanning through the ‘people you may know’ list on LinkedIn. If anyone interests you professionally, take the opportunity to send them an invitation to connect. If it is accepted, follow up with a friendly message just to say hi and to give a little detail on why you wanted to connect.

Expand Your Reach With Social Media Marketing

 Expand your business reach with social media marketing and connect with your target audienceYou may be surprised to hear that many marketing companies who took to social media sites in their early days didn’t think they would last as legitimate advertising platforms. At the time, it made sense: most things, both online and offline, that gain a huge following in a short period of time tend to die down in a few years, months, or even weeks. Now that we know social media isn’t leaving anytime soon, however, companies that are taking advantage of its marketing features are reaping the rewards.

 The main reason why businesses either give up on social media marketing or don’t bother to do it at all is because they don’t know how to do it the right way. It’s a sad reality, especially for smaller companies that are desperate to reach more of their audience in a quick and easy way. But it does leave more advertising opportunities open for willing companies.

 Social media has remained a central part of communication for over a decade for many reasons. The first of these reasons is its incredible reach, connecting people from across the world to individuals and companies they never knew they needed. Social media sites are also cheap to advertise on with their free use and low campaign costs. Best of all, each site has its own layout, giving marketers variety in what they create and share.

How Instant Gratification is Changing Mobile Marketing

People who have adjusted to the practically instantaneous functions of mobile devices now expect everything related to the digital world to be quick and valuablePeople who have adjusted to the practically instantaneous functions of mobile devices now expect everything related to the digital world to be brief and valuable. As frustrating as this can be for companies who exist almost exclusively on the internet, consumers aren’t exactly to blame for the craze. Technically, the creators of high-speed apps and gadgets are the true culprits, pushing the envelope in terms of innovation. But in many ways, their numerous tech ideas have improved our lives. Companies simply have to deal with the consequences of this reality.

 It’s critical for businesses to know the intentions of the majority of their target audience to better cater to their needs. Because the emphasis is so much on speed nowadays, it’s not too farfetched to guess that customers expect to complete the interactions they have with companies in just minutes. They want to load a website as soon as they click its link, purchase an item as soon as they see one, and receive a response as soon as they’ve asked a question. They also seek information relevant to their situation.

 Now that this is the reality of digital marketing and mobile marketing, companies who manage to satisfy their customers’ need for instant gratification tend to come out on top. The speed at which you do things can really make you stand out if the quality of what you’re offering is the same as that of your competitors. In most cases, eager customers are willing to pay a higher price to get what they want sooner. This is why things like Amazon Prime and Netflix Premium work so well.

The Best way to use Facebook Ads

Expand your reach with Facebook video adsYou may not think to use Facebook video ads for marketing, but it can come in handy for many companies looking to expand their reach. In fact, if you use this feature correctly, it can pull loads of new consumers into your sales scheme and eventually have them purchase your products or services. But first, let’s go over the most common type of sales scheme.

 Most marketers opt for an awareness plus remarketing framework when they aim to gain new customers. You first need to introduce your company to the members of your target audience that haven’t yet heard of it, and this is where videos prove their worth. Video content is currently the most consumed type of digital content that exists, and they naturally capture and keep the interest of viewers longer than text and photo content do.

 As an advertiser, you can even direct specific video content towards certain sectors of your target audience by analysing who watched what and going from there. Unsurprisingly, this works well on most consumers, especially those who feel as if they’re being catered to. We’ve got some tips to help you get started with your Facebook video ad campaign.

Content Creation Tips - Pack a Punch with your Blog Posts

How to sell your products and services through better content and blog postsOne blog post containing everything you need to know about a specific topic simply doesn’t exist. That’s why the source of information about a particular subject is the blog as a whole, not a single post within that blog. Companies that choose to start a blog on their website must build upon their marketing strategy with each post they create, and the best way to do that is with internal links.

 Backlinks are great for proving your credibility, but enhancing your authority on the subject you’re writing about is best done through links to your business website. Your readers will still get the information they need: they’ll just get it from you instead of an outside source. Because it’s important to include a decent amount of new content in each blog post and avoid link overload, it’s a good idea to follow a framework.

 Don’t go throwing internal links into your content wherever you can. Come up with a structured plan first. The best way to do this is to review your most recent blog posts and the destination pages of your most popular products. Once you’ve found old content relevant to the new content you’re creating, select three or four from the list of posts you’ve compiled and put the links in suitable places.

 A good way to use internal links is to insert them when a separate topic that the reader may not know about comes up. You can link to a blog post that you’ve already written about that topic to avoid stuffing too much information into a single post and demonstrate that you have knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Your user will appreciate not being redirected to a different website with each link and will naturally start to trust you more when they see how much information you have.

How to Make your Business Marketing Campaign a Success

How to make your Business Marketing Campaign a SuccessEvery business campaign is different, but each successful one follows the same basic rules. The only industry-specific part of the formula is the amount of emphasis you put on any given component. You may have already figured out what your company needs to succeed in its campaigns, but in case you’re still uncertain, keep reading and discover the factors that will make it work.

Before you start your marketing campaign, you must define your target audience. Advertising to anyone, anywhere, at anytime may have worked before the age of the internet, but it certainly doesn’t work anymore. With each new decade came a new marketing strategy, promoting products to the consumers they were originally intended for through television, radio, newspaper, and billboard advertisements.

Products for children began to appear in places children were the first to see them, as did products and services for parents, teenagers, men, women, students, workers, and any other distinctive group in society. Marketers were beginning to learn how to tailor their advertising techniques to those who bought from them.

Now advertising space is everywhere, and any company with enough money can take advantage of it. You only have to be strategic about what you choose. Investigate the behaviour of your buyers, taking note of what they like, what they dislike, and what they’re willing to pay for. Come up with creative ways to appeal to their age, gender, role, and social status through your advertising. If you’re struggling, get the help of the numerous tools available to marketers everywhere.

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