Tips to use blogging as SEO machine

Whether you're starting a business or just looking to share some of your insight with the world wide web, it goes without saying that blogging can help you become a SEO machine.  We can now see that blogging has become a widely celebrated tradition in the online community but yet it is very rare for blog posts to actual discuss the SEO efforts that go towards making them successful. And while some may argue  that they only write blogs to merely vent or share a point of view, the truth is simple, if the quality of blogging is good and your blog posts are essentially solving peoples problems, with a little tweaking you can make major SEO gains which can lead to more traffic.

Incorporating a blog on your website or implementing more SEO efforts into an existing blog can easily help you gain extra online promotion. The general rule is to make sure your blog posts are read, noticed and shared by a large online audience. The following tips will help you drive more traffic to your blog posts by using simple but result driven tactics.

1. Solving People's Problems

When people search and find your blog post among others it is because the search engine is essentially telling you that this page has massively useful content catered to your request or "problem". Aside from exploring relevant keywords to your niche market, focusing on what are relevant problems or questions amongst your niche market as well can help you gain great insight in implementing SEO efforts in your posts. Analyzing your market will help you build a relationship with your audience which will then give you the tools to help them out. You would then incorporate these solutions into each of your blog posts to generate more traffic. A search engines entire premise is on helping people with relevant and useful search results. The more relevant your posts are to solving peoples problems the more shares you'll get and the higher you will be ranked. 

2. Solving problems with original content

Content strategy is very important on all levels! Aside from being committed to producing original contexts of writing that help your audience, you must also think of things such as visual appeal.Just think for a moment if a picture is worth a thousand words, then, how much more effective would a video posting be? By adding videos to your blogs you are also building links and generating traffic from sites such as youtube and vimeo. Videos are excellent on mobile devices as well which you will notice a lot of your traffic can increase from if your posts are shared.

3. Be social on social media!

This is one is a no-brainer. Use your social media pages to be social! You have these platforms readily available for you to let your followers know of a new post. These are your most reliable medium to spread the word of a new post and for potential sharing of your posts. It is here that at any given time the right post can go viral! It is also important to acknowledge that search engines use social media as a form of authenticity of the blog writer so it is very important to keep your social media pages updated and use them as a platform to circulate your newest blog posts creating more and more links.

4. Back links

The rule of thumb here is quality vs. quantity. Think of back links as referrals, would your new employer prefer 100 referrals from your elementary friends or 2-3 referrals from your old employers and colleagues? The same theory applies with back linking to your site, search engines place value on the domain name that is back linking to you. In essence if other sites (of value) are referencing your site, then based on search engine logic it must be a relevant and trusted site with relevant content. There are many ways you can gain back links, you can send out a virtual press release through syndicated services, you can blog or contribute to forums on third party websites with links back to your own or by exploring different portals and directories readily available. 

5. Consistency

But do not over-blog! I guess the same rule applies for this one too. Quality over quantity!  Too many posts in quick succession may drift your followers because they start losing interest sensing the biasing. Fix a time frame and post regularly but make sure each post is of high quality and is a complete piece. It will not only set standard among your virtual audience but it will help you maintain a excellent standard for all your SEO efforts. 

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