Tips To Optimize Marketing Strategy for Target Keywords

Keywords analytical research is the key element of not only the search results ranking but also for any online marketing strategy. Keywords research analytics help us to know- the popular trends in target audience community, what devices they use to find the information, what phrases they use, what phrases are most used etc. Therefore, it is must to optimize the marketing strategy for the target keywords to address the audience in attracting, involving in impressive manner.

  • Marketing strategy optimization for the target keywords starts just from the web page. SEO title tag of each web page, meta description, image's filename, ALT text and webpage content specially first and last paragraphs are the key elements that need to be optimized for particular keywords prior to initiate intensive marketing efforts. If CMS doesn’t allow editing of SEO title tag of webpage, then, make the required changes in main title of webpage.
  • Content marketing or content sharing is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Articles, blogs, podcasts and videos etc are used to draw the attention of audience and the search engines as well. Now, you have two options to optimize the created content; either create content first and then infuse the most suitable keywords and long tail phrases or you list the keywords first and then create the content. My preferred choice is the second option - creating keywords oriented content. ‘Google Suggest’ and ‘Google Keyword Planner’ are free tools to help you in great way. Here, content audit becomes inevitable exercise .
  • Majority of online purchases are brand oriented; so, you need to emphasize upon brand creation. If 2-3 keywords phrases represent your brand and core offerings effectively, then choose the one that can be used everywhere to define your business offline and online in easy to understand terms. This strategy gives a particular reply to the questions like - who you are or what your business / product line is.
  • Today, no marketing strategy can be effective without taking into account the importance of social media. The created social media profiles and pages should be keywords oriented to be noticed by the social media search engines for improved visibility. Search engines have started to consider the social media interactions and responses for fixing the ranking. Social Reputation and social sharing are also monitored and accounted by Google to decide search results ranks . Make each social media sharing and interaction keywords enriched.

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