Innovative E-Commerce Solutions to Boost Sales on Mobiles

Attracting more visitors to your responsive ecommerce site is just the successful start; helping them to find the products with minimum navigation is the next critical task to convert more visits into sale. Exponential growth in mobile ecommerce elevates the competition level also; so, you need to have features enriched site specially optimized for mobile clients. These technically proven and trends supported ways may boost your ecommerce sales on mobiles:

  • Optimize Landing Pages

Direct the paid traffic to the landing page or to the particular product category instead of following the traditional practice of landing the visitor at home page to explore further for the desired products.

  • SEO Oriented Products Description

On April 2015, Google announced its favorable consideration for the mobile-friendly websites . Ensure that products description is engaging besides being keywords enriched. Unique and SEO oriented content helps the search engines to index your page more times eliminating the possibility of being judged as spam content.

  • On Page Search Function

On page search function helps the clients to find the right products in fewer taps. The quick access prompts them to decide. On page keywords, placement, cursor focus, photo quality, convincing video and color etc are the critical factors to make the on page search function more effective. Responsive Navigation helps the mobile shoppers to explore ecommerce site easily.

  • Site Loading Speed

The impatient behavior of mobile users doesn’t allow page abandonment. Maximize the loading speed of each page for converting the visits into sales. Switching to dedicated or virtual server is a good option. Each page must pass 5 seconds landing period test.

  • Shipping Cost Clarification

Be upfront by declaring the shipping terms clearly. Inflated shipping cost may drift your client to another ecommerce website; and, it is a permanent loss. On an average, online stores loose 67.45% of carted sales; primarily because of shocks of unexpected costs .

  • Integration Of Marketing Tools

Social media buttons, testimonials, products’ reviews and security badges are the effective automated marketing tools for ecommerce business. These tools influence the decisions by creating a favorable shopping environment.

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