6 Fascinating Takeaways from SMX EAST SEO Conference

Being at SMX EAST (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2015), New York City was a great opportunity to dive deep into the innovative SEM and SEO tactics. The exposure to numbers of themed sessions, clinics and keynotes was the rarest chance to find out the effective solutions for the most complex challenges that trouble you often. The inspiring environment and professionally planned events throughout the SMX East conference at Jacob Javits Convention Center created an ideal platform for the SEM and SEO experts to pick away new ideas. Here, I share my seven takeaways from SMX EAST SEO conference to help you plan better for SEM and SEO:

1. Almost 97% Leads Drift Other Websites:

You may get high traffic to landing page of your website but the significant percentage of these leads (up to 97% according to Larry Kim, WordStream) go waste. The solution is to push the call buttons rather than website traffic.

2. 50% Search Terms Have 4 Words or More:

Most SEO experts are after the optimized keywords but they neglect the trend followed by their target audience; most often, we find the difference in the target keywords and used search terms. Therefore, you should use the phrases and questions your potential buyers use.

3. Invest for Marketing of Your Company’s App:

According to Samantha Yeh- Bitly, people spend 86% of phone time within App. To catch the trend, your marketing efforts should be focused on marketing of ‘company’s app download’.

4. In-Store Deals and Coupons on Mobile Improve The Sales:

According to a case study, shared by Aaron Levy- Elite SEM, introduction of mobile discount improved the incremental mobile revenue by 99%. Therefore, you should use in-store deals and discount coupons to improve the conversions.

5. 43% Consumers Do In – Store Research:

This statistic makes the reviews a critical aspect of any ecommerce store. Put genuine reviews to help your clients decide fast. It is must to put your products on Google’s approved review aggregator sites for which you must have at least authentic 50 product reviews.

6. Consumers Tend to Visit a Nearby Store After Local Search:

Almost 72% of potential buyers tend to visit a nearby store after finding it interesting in local search. So, you should emphasize upon geo-targeted advertising to get your shoppers in.

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