You're Kidding Me? Websites Need an Audit?

One of my clients was investing good efforts and money for promoting his business website before approaching me; still, he was upset with results. The implemented SEO practices, he shared with me, were also good to deliver the results, but an important element of online promotion, he was missing, was the website audit. Surprisingly, the involved SEO Company didn’t make it. There are numbers of website owners and digital marketers who ignore the importance of website audit but race for search results ranks wasting their time and efforts. Hopefully, your SEO partners wouldn’t be kidding you.

Before coming direct to ‘why you need website audit’, you should know - what is website audit? Website audit is a forensic examination of your business website pertaining to technical parameters, onsite features, social media, links, information, citations, quantity and quality etc. The web audit provides a holistic analysis to help you improve online presence. The website audits are performed with different objectives; and, you can put these audits into different categories accordingly. Define your objective and call for audit; the most common trends include: website health audit, red flag audit, competitive site audit, conversion optimization audit, attacked or negative SEO audit, penalty recovery audit and security audit etc; website audit stands first among these.

Why You Need to Outsource Website Audit:

In the highly competitive environment, filling all the voids in online presence is imperative. The following benefits make the website audit a must to outsource service:

Analysis of website provides new graphic and strategic ideas. It creates a report detailing problematic links. Website auditors correct the broken links and HTML errors besides optimizing the page size, on page SEO elements, response time and download time etc. The analytic report of traffic helps you to know the traffic sources, media type including laptop, desktop, mobile etc and sharing trends. Improved organic search visibility, improved conversion rate, enhanced usability, better SEO parameters are the commercial gains from website audit that you experience better than before. The way you present your business directly affects your online reputation; so, website audit supports your ORM efforts also directly or indirectly.

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