7 Noahtic Commandments to Monitor & Manage Online Reputation

Online Reputation management has become indispensable for businesses because the freedom to act in modern digital environment allows the customers and competitors to litter the digital spaces with whatever they like. Online reputation management helps to establish yourself as the authoritative and credible resource for whatever you do by managing the relevant and useful search results about your business on first page.

Numbers of objectives in combine make the Google Alerts management a buzz to be experienced everywhere. The most experienced benefits of ORM include strong brand image creation, gaining consumer’s trust, letting the clients know your concerns for them, both way communication, Google rank improvement etc. The effective ORM encompasses all the critical platforms and channels that present your brand; some of these are professional networks, social networks, consumer review websites, collaborative research websites, blogs, blogging communities, discussion forums etc. So, you have to do a lot for ORM and it needs a strategy.

Monitoring the online reputation regularly helps you to overshadow the negative content by your positive feeds before it is too late. Trackur, Brandseye, Naymz, Social Mention and Google Alerts are the tools that simplify the task of monitoring the activities affecting your online reputation. The following seven commandments will help you manage the online reputation in effective and safe manner:

  1. Google your brand or company's name to see what the Google shows up. If you find negative results that you do not control, burry these down in search results by creating positive brand profiles on social media.
  2. Create a data sheet showing clearly the positive, neutral and negative results. Mark out the negative results that you don’t control to manage by positive feeding or correspondence. Take enough time to plan for action. Respond to unsatisfied customers. Do not get indulged in online arguments.
  3. If your company fails or messes up to do something wrong, make the authentic apology to affected buyer.
  4. Reward the positive remarks by offering discount coupons, freebies or by saying ‘thank you’.
  5. Optimize the brand video on YouTube; it is the next to Google search engine. Sometimes, Google ranks the YouTube videos better than the website.
  6. Protect the individuals’ reputation directly associated with business activities.
  7. Publish only the quality tested content to add values to your brand and online presence.

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