Data-Driven Tips to Crop up Quality Inbound Links

Keeping the SEO in line of Google's algorithm updates is an engaging task for online marketers who always look for safe and effective ways to improve the authority of published content. Quality backlinks help your website to grow, especially, when the concern is the authority of website content. Today, cropping up the quality inbound links is the pivot for any digital marketing and search engine optimization plan. If your content has high readability and viewership with great potential of more likes and shares, more web owners would like to share the space for your content with inbound link. Following data driven tips will help you to get more accountable inbound links at valuable websites.

  • Data driven content gets 149% more social media shares and 283% more back links.
  • Use an odd number in headlines. Headlines with odd-number get 20% better CTR, if compared to headlines having even numbers.
  • Support the headline of content with [brackets]. Bracket in headline provides “sneak preview” of your content.
  • Keep the urls short; this trick increases the clicks possibility by 2.5 times. There are other supportive benefits also- short URL showcases the content summary; short URLs are social media friendly; short URLs are SEO friendly. Long URLs with unnecessary words confuse the visitors only to drift away.
  • Casual visitors read only 28% part of the blog post. How will you improve this statistics? You should use short sentences; it may improve the readability up to 58%. More stay on your post means, you get more time to convince the reader.
  • You should use colorful visuals in your content. Reports confirm that relevant eye catching visuals inspire the people 80% more likely to read that document. Reports also confirm that content even with single image generates 94% more views and it is considered 75% more creditable.
  • This tip may surprise you but it is the fact that content with emotional terms or words like surprise, anger or awe etc is liked more on social media.

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