How silently Google impacts your online business success with Panda 4.2 Google’s Update

google panda logoEach Google update creates ripples in the world of web masters and internet marketers; and, in the spree of being smarter than today, Google continuously makes the changes in search result algorithm. Many of these algorithm updates take place silently; and, you come to know about these only after noticing the sudden drop in the web’s ranking. If you feel sudden ranking drop despite the best SEO efforts, you may be missing an important update named- Panda 4.2 introduced silently on July 17, 2015. Google’s Gary Illyes had already made announcement about possibility of Panda 4.2 at SMX Advanced (June 2015) but he was not sure about the accurate time.

Panda 4.2 Is Slower Than The Previous Version: 

Technically Panda 4.2 is not a new update but it is a refresh that affected results of 2-3% queries. The impact may be in +ve or –ve ways. Although the impact is milder than the previous Panda 4.1 version introduced in Sept 2014 that affected almost 3-5% search queries; still, you can’t ignore the impact to get the best from your promotional efforts. Because of being a slower update, it is tough to assess the winners and losers. This aspect goes in your favor because you get more time to upgrade your website.

Still Not Late To Recover From Panda 4.2 Penalties:

Once Google rolls out its algorithm update, it is too late for you to optimize the website accordingly to avoid the loss. Each update has cutoff date; Panda 4.2 is also not an exception. The changes that you make this time will be considered at the time of next update; but, your upgrading efforts will be awarded. The success mantra is- “Continually update the content” because you never know when the new update will be. Since, elemental concern of Google for introducing ‘Panda’ was all about the quality of content. Well written original content, relevancy, balanced keywords %, proper positioning, less bloated web design are the areas you need to focus to recover from the possible Panda 4.2 penalty.These practices will help you to avoid any possible adverse impact by Rankbrain Algorithm update also introduced by Google On 26th October 2015 (The post ‘How Your Brain Ranks With Google Rankbrain?’ may also help to you optimize the content better). The blog post While writing or putting the content online, you should confirm to provide the better information than that already exists.

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