Five Tips to Use Your Brand Champions For Internet Marketing

brand championAre you looking to do something new to boost up the internet marketing? I know, it is an ever going concern for all the businesses. Although the smart marketers keep tracking new trends and practices in internet marketing; still, you have a less exposed internet marketing trick to improve the gains. And, it is to create and use ‘brand champions’.

Identify And Create Brand Champions:

Brand Champions are the loyal advocates who refer and promote your business at their own. Who can be your brand champion? Anyone from the employees, suppliers, customers, share holders and management may be the passionate brand champion provided you create the ideal environment to let them act in your favor. To proceed in this direction, you should focus upon explaining the convincing brand statement, brand values, streamlined brand training, effective organization’s model, involving culture of company, awarding policies, compliment to brand legacy, brand improvement etc. Phantom-2 update by Google, rolled out on May 3, 2015 also supports the cause to improve the users’ experience.

Getting Internet Marketing Support From Brand Champions:

Now you have the force of brand champions but you need to empower them for peak performance. These tips will help you to align them to support the common cause - internet marketing.

  1. Encourage the brand champions to discuss the brand online; it delivers “humanizing effect” to improve consumers’ perception. To keep each one on the right track, you should define the policy for ethical rapport and appropriate online behavior.
  2. Encourage your brand champions to write the blog posts related to your business, services, products, promotions, events etc. You can create a particular blog template to be used by anyone authorized for blog post submissions.
  3. Encourage the brand champions to be active on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon and Facebook etc. Almost 60% traffic to your website comes through mobile users; and it makes the Mobilegeddon update by Google on April 22, 2015 more important. The shared insights establish the brand image like the thought leader; it distinguishes your business from the rests.
  4. Encourage the brand champions to be visible on all the potential interactive channels including discussion forums, conferences, reviews portals, workshops and local events. You should support these loyal advocates to establish the dialogue with communities through the guided market research.
  5. And at last, make your brand champions realized how much important they are for you. Involve them to express and shape up the inventive thoughts. Establish emotional bond also in parallel to commercial bonding.

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