Do I Have Enough Content! How Much?

how much banner 579x177When most of latest updates in 2015 by Google including Panda 4.2 (July 17, 2015) and Rankbrain (26th October 2015) are related to content quality, a big question that often takes place in discussions is about the adequate quantity of digital content for internet marketing. I don’t have any hitch in saying that very few web owners and even the marketers are confident to justify the limit of content production for marketing. Do you have any scale to fix the content quantity that you use for internet marketing? Honestly speaking, there is no set metric to justify adequate quantity of digital content for particular internet marketing campaign; still, you need to cap the content creation for optimizing the online marketing according to available budget; and; the capping limit depends upon numbers of factors as I explain below:

Benchmarks To Help You Cap The Content Quantity Limit:

Everyone would be convinced with the fact that quality trumps the quantity. The question about adequate content quantity takes back seat when the concern also encompasses the quality. You should prioritize quality over the quantity. Here are some benchmarks that may help you to optimize the content quality and quantity traffic and conversions both:

  1. Time invested for content creation
  2. Time invested content management and promotion
  3. Traffic improvement through the particular channel/source
  4. Overall impact upon traffic
  5. Impact upon lead generation and conversion rate

Content creation may either be in-house or it may be outsourced. If we set the quality parameters, then, the cost becomes a strong parameter to decide the limit and to optimize the marketing strategy. Only fresh and unique content supports social media optimization, so, the arrangement to post the content on time is another guiding factor. There are numbers of free tools including Google Analytics to check the response of particular content marketing activity. If the reports about traffic gain and/or conversion rate are positive, you should invest more otherwise it is good to limit the content marketing unless you find more effective channels for the optimum use of created content.

After Phantom-2, content audit has become inseparable part of any online marketing strategy; so, quality content development is an everlasting need. In case you have limited budget, you should limit quantity but don’t ever stop completely to leave the created community abandoned.

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