Four Simple and Safe SMO Tips To Use Other Peoples’ Content

four smo tipsMy family friend Derick Jill owns a nicely managed ecommerce store in Canada but the promotion always troubles him. The major reason to trouble him most is the cost and time investment for fresh content development, he needs for SMO as part of SEO and ORM etc. When I suggested him to use the other peoples’ content to subsidize his current cost and time investment for SMO, he was surprised just to say, ‘is the possible and safe?” I know the title of this post may raise your eyebrows also but it is possible with following five ethical SMO tricks.

1. Co-Branding To Get Early Popularity:

People create quality content for different purposes; may it be to attract subscribers, to create links, or just to share their knowledge for online reputation – personal or professional. With little bit strategic search, you can use this content to address your audience and to impress search engines. It is simple. Commenting with business link has become traditional approach; you need to do something different. Approach the author and get the permission to share it completely with your network community with full credit to author but with short information about you or your business. In most of cases, you get the permission because everyone likes publicity.

2. Snacks Bite Through Email Newsletter:

Periodic email newsletter is an effective way to keep the community engaged with your brand provided the content is relevant, convenient to grasp and useful. The best cost effective way to meet all these requirements as per Panthom-3 (Google’s update November 19, 2015) guidelines is to filter the content of other people and to deliver in small snack sized bites. You can create the space for yourself by creating the short abstract of 3rd party articles used in email newsletter. Inviting local blogger to write for you as a guest author is also a good practice.

3. Content Crowdsourcing:

Content Crowdsourcing is still a hot cake practice to manage the content creation cost. The basic idea behind the concept is to engage more people for a common objective because more brains can create better content than one brain. Content Crowdsourcing delivers better quality content enriched with more skills, personalized experiences and unique ideas.

4. Ask Your Community:

It has been traditional but effective practice to get the content feeds for your products or services. You should enrich your content with call for action. The content, you get in form of answers, suggestions, opinions, insights and comments can be used as a promotional content for SMO. The responses from the high profile contributors help you in off page SEO and ORM (online reputation management) also.

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