Five Simple Tricks to Generate Traffic through SMO in 2016

five simple tricksSEO and SMO both are familiar terms but with a difference in common perspective about traffic gains. Majority of people believe that SEO is performed for getting the traffic through search engines while SMO is performed just for branding through social networking. These people are right in their basic concepts but in the competitive business environment, you need to do something different. Have you ever thought ‘getting traffic through SMO’? The concept may surprise you but it is possible. The following tricks will help you to generate quality traffic through SMO in 2016 and beyond.

1. Create Facebook Group Instead Of New Page:

You should create Facebook group rather than creating the new page; it saves you from screening unnecessary activities that tarnish your online reputation. Expand your Facebook group only with people interested in your business activities; may it be content sharing, products, services or trade news etc. Good relationship with interested group members helps you to get more clicks to your content; and, your business websites gets genuine traffic.

2. Use High-Ranking Forums, Directories, Competitors’ Network For Reviews:

You should shortlist high-ranking relevant directories and discussion forums to share your business website link but don’t use these channels just for advertising; instead, create your community by sharing, following and commenting. The social repute at discussion forums and directories help you to get quality traffic for every SMO activity. You should apply same approach for online relationship with your business rivals- follow them, post reviews and share with them to get reviews. Reviews (quantity, diversity and velocity etc) share 8.4% space at ranking factors pie by MOZ.

3. Make Professional Profile and Friends:

Expanding the social media network for SMO is a common practice but you shouldn’t follow this traditional approach; instead, you should focus to make professional friends interested in your business offerings and activities. The active professionals in your social media groups especially at Twitter, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn and Stumbleupon help you to get and retain space in rich answers and Google’s Knowledge Graph that are placed at top of organic results as per latest Google's mobile SERP trends .

4. Share The Social Media Buttons On Web Pages:

Integration of social media buttons at web pages displays your presence at prestigious social networking platforms; interested visitors start following and sharing your social media activities that drive extra traffic to your business website, especially, in case of ecommerce websites which are updated more frequently.

5. Invite To Subscribe Through Email Newsletters :

Circulating email newsletters is a traditional strategy to keep the community informed about the new developments. You should add another feature to your email campaign by asking to hit at added subscription button. Everyone likes to be well informed in the fields of special interests; so, each time, you do something new at your business, you get more responses provided you inform the subscribers strategically.

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