5 SEO Mistakes You Commit Without Knowing To Suffer in Rankings

5 seo mistakesSearch engine ranking is a critical aspect of inbound marketing; SEO remains at top while planning for websites designing and the promotion for internet marketing. Everyone with business website invests for SEO, no matter, how much or how long. I know many people in my community who are not satisfied with the gains from SEO investments. The common reason behind this poor experience is their non-structured traditional approach while the SEO has changed much during last couple of years because of the Google’s algorithm updates released to improve users’ experience. If you too want to gain, improve and sustain search engine ranking, you should avoid these five mistakes that you might be doing without knowing.

  1. Keyword stuffing is the most common mistake that most SEOs commit to influence search engines. Don’t infuse keywords unnecessarily; instead, figure out keywords that your potential clients use you should use phrases, local search terms, long tail keywords and synonyms etc. Hummingbird and RankBrain updates will help you to improve the quality of copywriting.
  2. The presence of broken link often remains hidden; and, the created hyperlinks don’t lead the user to desired information result user shifts to other source with bad impression about your business. Link audit service will help you to retain only quality links and to remove spammy links.
  3. Mobile friendliness with multi screen compatibility has become a necessity for all the business websites. Mobilegeddon on 21st April, 2015 confirm the importance of Mobile friendliness for SEO results.
  4. Numbers of SEOs use dynamic urls to ease down their task while Google crawlers love static urls. Web pages with static urls get better attention of search engines; you should monitor website design and on page SEO to gain the best from SEO efforts.
  5. Page cloaking and doorway pages creation have been the traditional SEO practices but both these deliver only negative impacts on search engine rankings. Most of time, SEOs don’t inform you about these over smart SEO practices; periodic website audit is the only solution to save your business website from penalty mate action.

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