New Laws of Social Media Marketing to Keep you on Right Track

new laws of social media marketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM) is relatively a new term if compared with SMO, SEO or online marketing etc but because of growing importance of social media in everyone’s life, SMM has become the essential to top at your to-do list. The 2015 can be said the dawn of social media for businesses; and, by 2016, you can expect two billion social media users. SMM helps you to see the target market close with personalized traits allows responding immediately to build up creditable ORM and helps you to tap the potential clients that you didn’t know. However, SMM is not just sharing the content over the multiple social media sites for the sake of backs links; instead, it needs to be laws bound for efforts oriented business gains.

1. Law of Influence:

You should spend enough time to find out the relevant influencers having quality audiences who may be your potential buyers. Connect with these people to buildup reliable relationship.

2. Law of Compounding:

Only the quality content sharing helps to build up online audience of relevant followers who share your posts to their own followers on different social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Your quality posts may also be referred on their blogs. This sharing and referring process opens new doors for you get better rank in search results. You should tap the new entry points to create a compounding list.

3. Law Of Quality Content:

You should audit and revise the content quality policy for SMO after Rankbrain and Hummingbird . You should emphasize upon information, relevance, freshness, presentation style, authority. Your post should address the concerns of your target audience; only then, you will get the SMO and SEO support for online marketing.

4. Law Of Politeness And Patience:

When you capitalize on the power of social media for Social Media Marketing, finding some persons with wasted interests is very common. You should monitor their activities but should not be indulged in repelling back, until, you’re ORM (online reputation management) is at risk. You must take time to identify the personality and to analyze the behavior before introducing yourself.

5. Law Of Consistency:

You must be consistent to spread the words about your business activities. Your genuine followers trust the information you share. Consistency in posting helps you to retain and expand your followers’ base.

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