Five SMO Laws for Smooth Blogging in 2016

Tfive smo lawshe serious blogger have common complain who started blogging to support their online marketing, ORM, SMO and SEO efforts but not getting the traffic and response. The very common mistake triggering the problem was their wrong perspective; most of them write keywords centric just for SEO. Can you survive in digital social world without engaging the community? To succeed in smooth blogging, you must follow the five SMO laws mentioned below.

1. Optimized Social Media Meta Tags

Optimizing social media meta tags of blog ranks at top in must to follow SMO law. The tools like Yoast’s SEO plugin and SEOPressor 5 are designed to help you in optimizing the WordPress blogs. You must use only quality content adhered to latest Google’s algorithms updates like RankBrain and Phantom-3 that confirm that only the content delivering ‘ultimate users experience’ will get search engine’s favour.

2. Eye-Catching Images

You should use high quality relevant images with at least 600 pixels. The used images with descriptive filename and mind-blowing caption should stand out besides being thought provoking. The ‘Image Optimizer’ may help you to optimize the image to get better attention.

3. Call-To-Actions

The blog with visible call to action buttons encourages the readers to respond fast. Ask the readers to- share, like, pin, tweet and G+1. Running A/B test is the reliable measure to check the effectiveness of your call to action .

4. Optimized Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles should be optimized according to personal and business traits; and, these should represent you and your business in same colours all across the social media platforms to establish the brand identity. Name, profile photo, username, your link on main page, brief bio, your interests showing knowledge about trade influencers etc are the critical elements you should never ignore.

5. Connectivity With Others

You must establish connectivity with others through optimized interactivity plan. The content on trending topics keeps the audience engaged and inspires them to express their views. Interaction with potential clients improves the comments, sharing, references, reviews, brand image, and ORM (online reputation management ) etc; and, all these elements are sure to help you combine SEO and content marketing for quick gains .

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