7 Data Driven Tricks to Attract Links for Smart SEO

seven data driven tricksAll the roads at link building landscape are full of bumps and humps; no doubt, it is the most popular and followed traditional SEO practice but recent changes in Google’s search results algorithms make it compulsory to take a different SEO route to gain and sustain the results. Here, I sum up seven data driven tricks to attract links for safe and promising SEO.

1. Include Data In The Posts

The content supported with data and stats gets 283% more backlinks and up to 149% more shares from social media. You should include graph and charts to support your words; but the references should be valid and relevant. The presence of charts improves the visual appeal and engaging power of shared content.

2. Time Of Posting Matters

When do you post the content? The time matters. The analytics show that Monday is the best day to post and get maximum response for the content while Saturday and Sunday are the worst days in terms of getting responses to new post.

3. Controversial and Personal Stories Get More Response

People love entertainment also in parallel to latest information. You should blend the entertaining factors also with the mainstream content. You should relate the content with a personality, controversy, great event, news or surprising development.

4. Infographics is must for Smart SEO

The SEO content with infographics gets more shares and comments; this difference in extra achievement may be up to 42.4%. Data reports states that an infographic enriched content gets 37.5% more backlinks if compared with the standard post.

5. Social Media Sharing Improves SEO

Is it possible to ignore growing presence of social media? Today, 93% online marketers use social media to propel the content for backlink generation. This trick improves the referral traffic besides increasing social signals; both are the strong search results ranking signals.

6. Long Content Gets Better Response

This point may disturb the readers who are cost conscious for the cost of content outsourcing but it is a fact. According to study conducted by serpIQ , the content with more than 2,000 words delivered better response than to the short content. Long form content also gives you more space to use more keywords and phrases for off page SEO .

7. Perfect Blend Of Content Marketing and SEO Works

Content marketing without SEO concern fails ; you should blend both the plans to go at their own way but in support of each other. Data shows that 60% companies accepted that they execute integrated SEO and content marketing plans.

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