Why Content Marketing Is the Best SEO Trick

Wwhy content marketing is the best seo trickill content marketing take place of SEO in future? It is a hot discussing topic among the marketers and web owners but I don’t see any such possibility. I agree that both run parallel, support each other and even overlap each other; still, both are different because of their goals and prime objectives. Primarily, SEO is planned to hit at search engines while content marketing is executed to convince the target audience. Effective content marketing elevates the outcome of SEO because Google is investing best efforts to deliver the best information to its users; and content marketing does the same.

Content Marketing Oxygen for SEO: Content marketing acts as the oxygen for SEO to breath. SEO needs the channels to use the target keywords; content marketing provides the opportunity. Content marketing fulfils the demand of SEO; it may be blog, micro blog, email, social media post, tweets, articles, reviews, comments, banner content or substances etc. SEO plan defines type of content it needs, purpose of content creation, destined source, particular audience type and guidelines including the best-searched keywords etc. Link building is an essential SEO practice; content provides the space to showcase your business with created back links. SEO demands the consistent output and content marketing is the continuous process to engage and spread the community.

Effectiveness of Content Marketing for SEO beyond Doubt: As the digital environment is changing fast, so, you need to follow a different route. You should focus on the quality of content. What are the essentials of high quality content? The same as required by local SEO to support small business website or by the organic SEO for the businesses targeting the global audience - informing, unique, latest, engaging, infographics, convincing, calling to act and off course keywords enriched. Today, SEO is much more than just the traffic generation for ranking; the primary concerns of businesses in the competitive environment are leads, conversion, revenue and brand image etc; content marketing with data driven tricks attracts links for smart SEO.

The takeaway: SEO will fail without integration of content marketing; and, the content marketing will fail without SEO integration.


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