How to Combine SMO and SEO For Improved Gains

Ahow to combine seo smoction at vivid social media platforms is a critical part of digital promotion; no SEO strategy can be said complete without social media activities. Most digital marketers combine SMO and SEO for quick gains because social media has the proven power to boost up the traffic organically and through paid channels. Social link building increased traffic, enhanced domain authority, tapping of social media chatters to manage online reputation management are the key benefits of combining SMO and SEO for B2B and B2C both types of marketing. Here, I share some insights to help you proceed safe but effectively.

Quality Content + Links = Success:

Optimized SMO content attracts numbers of new followers through searches. News content distributed through bookmarking channels and social news facilitates the links to business website. Advertisers on social media experience the traffic boost benefit because of keywords optimized quality content for long. Links generated under SMO strategy for targeted keywords improve the SEO gains.

Follow The Social Media Roadmap:

To successfully combine the SMO and SEO, you should follow the social media framework with focus upon audience, objective, strategy and tactics. You should know the behaviours, preferences, publishing methods and sharing patterns. The very common objective of SEO is web sales while SMO is not linked directly to sale; the defined objectives will help you walk smooth following the combined roadmap for SMO and SEO.

Take Help Of SEO Tools To Guide SMO:

We have numbers of free SEO tools that inform us about the performance of shared content. Some popular SEO tools give you idea about the content generation; few to rank top at my favourite list are Google webmaster, Evernote, WordCounter, Headline Analyzer. However, data driven content sharing on social media is the one among most promising SEO Tactics for B2B Marketing and B2C business.

Optimize Keywords Research For SMO and SEO:

SMO needs updating the posts, tweets and other shared information on social networking websites. To get it noticed, you should use relevant keywords optimized for both SEO and SMO. Certain low ranking keywords may also help you to extend your reach among the target audience and to keep engaged to act. My favourite search engine optimization tools are Wordstream, YouTube Keyword Tool and Übersuggest etc.

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