The Rise of Snapchat & Politicians

the rise of snapchat and politiciansIn this day and age you cannot succeed in any marketing campagnes without the added touch of social media. By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world. According to Nielsen’s survey, smartphone users spend 89% of their time on apps. The popularity of one particular app is the focus of today's blog. The Snapchat app was introduced to modern consumers in 2011 and though it took a while to gain popularity amongst other apps such as instagram it has recently found itself as a driving force in the recent US presidental elections.

Snapchat- The Cost Efficient Advertising Media App

The ever-growing community of almost 100 million daily users has transformed this personal streaming app into the most preferred cost efficient social media advertising platform yet. Recently democratic candidates have been using the app to promote their campaignes and make their political pitches for the upcoming presidential elections. Their efforts are pretty clear and it goes without saying they are doing so to get the attention of a younger audience, the millinials to be exact. It's snapchat's behind-the-scenes features that gives viewers a more personal look into their day by day activities thus connecting them with their potential voters directly and more often than before. Candidates with the right personality can easily gather thousdands of followers and can promote directly to them through their daily timelines at no cost at all.

User Engagement & The Evolution of Digital Marketing

The race to perfect the ultimate user experience is the driving force behind the evolution of digital marketing. Connecting directly with consumers is key! We witnessed it in sports marketing and we are now observing the exact same trend in the current political campaignes. The trust of US politicians on Snapchat leaves no doubt about the rise of Snapchat – as the most effective social media marketing tool of future. A complete contrast to the way political campaignes used to run where the candidate with the most money was often heard the loudest, social media apps are giving candidates who typically wouldnt be heard more of a voice and again at zero cost. And just as sports brand Adidas cut ties with IAAF after accepting the change in sports marketing landscape, political candidates also are pulling away from traditional forms of advertisement that would otherwise cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. What we can agree is that in today's society, the modern day voter will connect more with your online reputation than with snipets of political debates on television.

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