Should SEOs Only Care About DIRECT Ranking Signals in Google?

direct us indirectToday’s topic is something that many in our industry debate about. Direct Ranking signals vs. Indirect ranking signals. More often SEOs are usually related to the direct ranking signals, rather than a combination of both direct and indirect. Here we take a quick look at why you might want to consider a broader perspective when it comes to signal rankings and maybe even changing your strategy a bit to which will ensure a better ranking in Google. Because let’s be honest, there a lot of things that impact searcher satisfaction, user experience, engagement, branding, Amplification and amplification likelihood and saturation. All these things indirectly could impact positively on your ranking and if you’re ignoring indirect ranking influencers you may be ignoring a lot of potential visitors too.

What are Direct Ranking Signals?

direct ranking signalsThe direct signals are a standard form of increasing the ranking of your page on Google. A great example is given by spreading the links of your page all over the internet whether it is via submissions or different sort of posts, when people click the link you’ve created a direct signal. The more people click the link, the more views you will have and therefore the overall ranking goes up. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Keywords are essential as well when it comes to ranking because specific keywords attract the viewers who wishes are on the lookout for specific products. Also, the uses of the language, in combination with the previous two, are another good direct indicator for rankings.

What are Indirect Ranking Influencers?

indirect ranking signalsSay you meet me at a convention and I am absolutely in love with your product and tweet about it to my followers. Guess what? It seems my followers like the product too and start to retweet and Google it. Surely, the convention, we met at didn’t add to your ranking, but my post did. Thus, indirect ranking influences are important as well; as such indicators boost your ranking and make your website more available. Indirect indicators, such as articles related to your website on other places on the internet, can be essential to the boost of your page. If more and more people outside the internet are aware of your website and product, more and more people will indirectly visit it. Google may not use indirect these ranking influencers themselves, but it does seem quite logical because this indirect approach was especially important in the era before the internet. So, why shouldn’t be important nowadays as well? Isn’t word of mouth marketing THE best kind?

Oh…but “the problems”

We often hear from Google that the Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and other social media messages are not important for the ranking of your website, but actually this is also considered as an indirect ranking indicator which influences your page. Managers, business teams and clients usually consider such indicators as not important, but the actual problem is that they’re missing out on this important linker between the indirect indicators and their ranking position. Surely, indirect influencer take time to sway the upgrade of your position, but it’s surely worth trying it out. It’s your bottom line that’s the focus.

The Advice

Try taking a broader perspective and stop focusing solely on the direct impacts of the SEO. As mentioned before many things such as user experience, engagement, amplification likelihood and amplification, relationship with people, branding through the association and memory, saturation and brand coverage, influence your overall Google ranking. And not only Google ranking, but the conversion rate, user experience and the bottom line of your offer. Because of that, you should bear in mind that with the combination of direct and indirect indicators, you will have a great SEO strategy for your business. The most important thing is to be consistent and work on the overall impact for long term results, not only when you notice the boost, but way long after that. This is a long-term strategy that any internet page owner should implement in the everyday work.


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