Marketing To Your Millennial Target Audience

marketing-to-your-millennial-target-audienceUnlike the generations before, millennials grew up with the Internet playing a vital role in their daily lives. Even from a young age, electronic devices were used for education and communication. What this means for you as a business whose primary or secondary target audience are millennials—is that you must take a hyper- targeted approach to your Internet marketing strategies.

Go Mobile

When it comes to the millennials and any of the younger age groups, the amount of time spent on mobile devices is drastically higher than on desktop devices. What this means for you as a business owner, is that you must embrace all things mobile. This includes:

  • Mobile Responsive Website Design.
  • Mobile Marketing & Mobile PPC.
  • Mobile Apps.

Embrace Videos

Look for ways to market and educate your millennial target audience with creative videos. This includes videos designed for social media, website content, blog posts, training, and even engaging commercials. Keep in mind that millennial attention spans are often shorter, so get straight to the point—and deliver your message in just a few seconds if possible.

Expand Your Social Media

While some businesses can succeed with only Facebook and Twitter, if you are targeting millennials you will need to expand your social reach. Perform the necessary research to determine the social platforms your target audience frequents—and expand as needed. Visual sites will play a larger role in social media optimization for millennials, so strongly consider Vines, Instagram, SnapChat, Periscope, and YouTube.

Get Creative

Aside from developing Internet marketing strategies designed to target millennials, you must think outside of the box when marketing to millennials. Millennials like to share the fun things they find on the web, so make sure that your marketing approach is fun. In other words, product-heavy ads and content will rarely strike a chord. Instead, focus on increasing online engagement—with the goal of driving more targeted traffic. Eventually this targeted traffic will turn into conversations.


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