Will Wearable Technology Replace Smart Phones And Cell Phones?

will wearable technology replace smartWe live in a day and age where it is hard to imagine leaving home without your smartphone, so it’s might be hard to imagine that smartphones may one day soon be replaced with more advanced technology—and if not replaced, not as necessary as they are today.

Dual Purpose Devices

As smart phones continue to get larger, it is clear that their primary role is no longer for making and receiving phone calls—instead for surfing the web, texting, social media, email, and other methods of electronic communication. Since tools like Skype make it possible to take and receive phone calls on devices other than a phone, notebooks could feasibly replace smartphones.

Hands-Free Electronics

Mobile wallets, Internet connected cars, and smart watches aim to lighten your load, and make hands-free electronics management easier than ever. Wearable technology may not be growing at the adoption rate imagined, but if your phone forwards to your car, or is worn on your wrist—there is little worry about leaving it behind.

Voice Control And Artificial Intelligence

Bluetooth technology and the Internet of things, makes it easy to forward phones to linked devices. Combine this with voice control technology, and the emerging artificial intelligence and virtual technology—and it is easy to imagine that we are only at the tip of the technology iceberg. In fact, artificial intelligence aims to replace many of our physical electronics—like computer screens.

It’s Still Too Early To Tell

As an SEO company in Toronto, it is our job to stay up-to-date with emerging technology that may impact the way we market your business. With mobile electronics playing a primary role in how we browse the web, a shift to wearables could affect our local SEO services and overall website package offerings.

It is still too early to tell which direction wearable technology will take us in next, but it is certain that some major technological advances are on the way.


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