Quick Tips For Performing Keyword Research

quick tips for performing keyword researchAnytime you curate website content, online marketing material, or text that will be placed online—you must ensure it is properly infused with trending keywords. Keyword research strategies have changed drastically in the past few years, meaning that the ways in which you approach your research must also be adjusted. Below are a few quick tips you can turn to when searching for new keywords to optimize your website.

Variations and Abbreviations

When it comes to identifying the most effective industry keywords, start with generic keywords—but since generic industry phrases and words are highly competitive, try out a few variations. Also incorporate relevant abbreviations, even text-speak. This goes beyond conjugating the same word in a variety of ways. For example:

  • A popular keyword for cats and dogs on Instagram is “furbaby”.
  • Relevant abbreviations such as “pay per click” or “PPC”.
  • Add an “s”, such as “flower” and “flowers”.
  • Unofficial words, such as using “pawesome” instead of “awesome” when talking about animals.
  • Global spelling such as “utilize” or “utilise”.
  • Break up appropriate words, such as “body shop” or “bodyshop”.

Hashtags As Keywords

There are two ways you can utilize hashtags as keywords:

  1. Actually add a “#” in front of your keywords—if in content, do this sparingly.
  2. Head to Twitter or Instagram to search trending keywords, to be added to social media posts or to serve as inspiration for your keyword research.

Ask A Question Your Readers Are Likely To Ask

While you don’t want to overdo it with a “question” approach to keywords, ask the questions that your readers are likely to ask when typing into—or speaking into their search engine. These questions make excellent headings, and sometimes work for titles.

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving, and it is our goal to keep you apprised. Whether you are researching keywords for website content, blog posts, off page optimization—or any other method of online marketing, the tips above will help. Better yet, leave the keyword research to us!

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