Benefits Of Selecting The Right Blog Topics

benefits of selecting the right blog topicsBlogging is an important part of web optimization, but blogging about any old topic just won’t do. Your goal is to select topics that are relevant, trending, and engaging. Turn to the tips below when selecting a topic for your next blog post or online article.

Answer Your Most Common Questions

As you interact with your clients and customers, you are sure to see a pattern in the questions you receive. Look for ways to turn your most common questions in to blog post and articles. That way they will educate your clients, and contribute to your online marketing.

Post About Relevant Trending Topics

Blogging about relevant trending topics includes both industry topics, and general trending topics. Trending topics may be a bit competitive, but are an excellent draw for your regular readers. This includes both industry trending topics, as well as trending topics relevant to your target audience.

Non-Industry Keywords

Yes, the majority of your posts should be infused with a nice mix of industry keywords—but feel free to sprinkle in some non-industry or industry-adjacent keywords. This piggybacks on posting trending topics mentioned above, but expands to other areas of interest your readers are searching for. For example, if you sell fitness equipment you could blog about nutrition, recipes, supplements, or trending workouts.

Blog About What You Are Up To

An excellent way to connect and engage, is to blog about what you are up to. This goes beyond product or sales posts, but to:

  • Sharing a personal story
  • Blogging about a community event
  • Sharing your company history
  • Interviewing an industry expert
  • Sharing a customer’s story

We know that keeping up with your monthly blog posts can be overwhelming, which is why we offer cost-effective blogging services to ensure that you never fall behind.

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