Organizing Your Inbox

organizing your inboxDo you have hundreds or thousands of emails in your website inbox? If so, you are not alone. While features such as Gmail’s auto sorting of Primary, Social, and Promotions make managing your emails a bit easier—your inbox can easily become disorganized and overwhelming. Even with advanced search functions, it is not always easy to find the email you are looking for, but the tips below will help you to regain order in your inbox.

Set Up Folders

First things first, set up folders that you can easily transfer your emails to after reading. Folders can be categorized in a variety of ways, for example by the name of the sender or a topic. You can even create subcategories within each folder.

Do A Mass Sweep

Once your folders are set up, do a mass sweep. Depending on your email provider, you may be able to delete all emails from one sender at once, for example, deleting all of your Facebook emails. If your email requires you to go one by one, read 50 or so emails each day until your inbox only has actionable emails left in it. The rest should be deleted or transferred to appropriate folders.

Use Priority Features

The goal is to have 20 or fewer emails in your inbox at all times, and the only ones there should be actionable emails that still require your attention. Use color-coding, or other priority features to create a virtual to-do list within your inbox. For example, you could flag or star each email that still needs your attention.

Delete As You Go

Once your inbox is clean and organized, the goal is to keep it that way—meaning that you must continue to sort and delete as you go.

These tips will work for your website or work email, and personal email alike. If possible, keep your personal and professional emails separate.

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