Are you ready for upcoming Digital Marketing changes in 2017?

are you ready for upcoming digital marketing changes in 2017We are approaching the end of 2016, so it is time for making different types of plans for the upcoming year. One important thing is to always be up to date with the latest trends and projections. The followings are some information about the changes that we should expect in the next year.

The first change we should expect is in the area of live video streaming. In order to attract lots of viewers and encourage users to interact, you have to have a live video stream. This movement should be in full swing next year and that should revolutionize the field of digital marketing. Live video streams can be used in many different ways for marketing. You can stream some event or present a new exciting product. Live streams are not expensive and at the same time, they are very the effective tool.

Second change is the implementations of so-called “buy” buttons are the next big change. We should expect to see more of those on social media platforms, which will allow the customers to buy directly on social networks instead of visiting the separate online store. These types of buttons can already be seen on many platforms such as Facebook,YouTube or Twitter, but they are just occasionally used because the users are not fully aware of them. This should change in 2017 when social platforms will present users with a wide variety of options to buy more products.

Third change is in the area of collecting and using data. In 2017 we should see a bigger reliance on data. Lots of websites are able to collect data from online users such as their location, age, level of education and present job, as well as what kind of device they use to access the internet. Marketers can take advantage of that and by studying the data they can create certain profiles of their potential customers. Then we can target them with different products and services based on their preferences. The shopping process will speed up, the customers would be more satisfied, and that is why this should be one of the most exciting changes next year.

Personalized content will also be a very important trend in 2017. Creating personalized and helpful content should help businesses to target the specific needs of their customers. By collecting the data of customers companies can get a pretty good idea of what they should pay attention to more. Companies can also provide their customers with recommended products based on their previous searches.

Another great trend next year should be the increased focus on mobile. More and more people are using smartphones every day, so that trend constantly grows. That means that having websites or apps that will be mobile-friendly is a must and a giant step towards reaching wider audiences. In essence, you need to have a quality content that will look nice and that will properly work on any type of device, regardless of the size of the screen and whether it is a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.

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