Linkedin, The Better Facebook?

linkedin the better facebookLinkedIn is a professional social media network that was created for the sole purpose of serving today’s professionals. On LinkedIn, lots of business-to-business (B2B) communication takes place. Business professionals also converge on LinkedIn, either to forge new connections, look for new jobs, communicate with other professionals, or to enhance their individual careers. It is a useful posting platform where you can showcase your skills which may be just the ideal skillset that a recruiting company needs, and it gets lots of attention even from the major search engines like Google and the others, hence its high page rank and authority.

But there has been a recent trend that seems to be getting a lot of professionals worried about the continuity of LinkedIn as a professional social media platform.

Users of the social media network for professionals have begun posting the kind of content that is supposed to be made on Facebook; content such as jokes, riddles, and even personal images. This has become a cause for concern, and a lot of people have begun to liken LinkedIn to Facebook.

Facebook is the number one social media site with over one billion unique users. It is a casual social online platform where people meet to share lots of personal moments via posts, pictures, jokes, share events, connect with friends or long-lost colleagues or family members across the world.

Despite the seeming inclination of some folks to post personal stuff on LinkedIn, some people view it as a welcome development and even believe that the rigid nature of LinkedIn needs a human touch once in a while. After all, the professional social media platform was created by humans and for humans; therefore, knowing the interests or hobbies of a prospective employee on LinkedIn will go a long way in determining how well suited such a person is for a job or joint venture.

A cast majority of LinkedIn users, on the other hand, would prefer that the professional social network maintains its businesslike inflexibility and to remain the way it was in the beginning; an online meeting place for companies and business personalities.

There is nothing wrong in revealing a bit of your personality on LinkedIn; as a matter of fact, those personal details about your interests and hobbies could sway prospective employers when they view your professional qualities, skill set, experience, and qualifications. It could play a hand in helping you secure a well-paying job at a good firm if your hobbies, personality, and character match the ideal profile that prospective recruiters are looking for. But the best way to go about it is not to lay it on thick; try to uphold your professional persona even as you write about your hobbies or interests. Remember that LinkedIn is a website that is highly respected and used by companies as well as professionals to not only advertise their brands but to establish new business connections as well.

Facebook is hardly the place to go to when a business establishment is looking for a suitable professional to work with, and therefore will not hold a candle to LinkedIn’s professionalism. Nevertheless, business should not be mixed with pleasure, which is why care should be taken with regards to the type of content that should be posted on the world’s number one professional social network platform.

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