What You Should Know About The New Pinterest Search Ads

In recent years, Pinterest has keenly established itself as a proven revenue-driver for retailers. This is why it has become a powerhouse when it comes to digital marketing strategies for a number of brands.

The social media giant has now added a search ads feature to the site. What does this mean for retailers and other brands? Quite a bit that is well worth getting excited about!

A Look At The New Pinterest Search Ads Feature:
When people use the search engine on Pinterest to search for something specific, they will receive search results that consist of pins that match what they were searching for. The search ad concept is simple enough. It will include advertiser pins in the search results and these pins will be clearly marked as being promoted. Pinterest will determine the number of ads that are going to appear on each page.

Pinterest is going to sell the ads in the same way that Google already sells theirs. An auction-based system will be employed. Advertisers can then pay what they feel each click to one of their ads is going to be worth.

Two different types of keyword campaigns are going to be employed:

• Keyword campaigns: Advertisers can explore this option to utilize keywords with the option to also group them. Pinterest will try to make things easy for advertisers in this regard, offering suggestions that might be appropriate to the image.
• Shopping campaigns: With this option, advertisers can have ads automatically generated from product feeds that will be supplied to Pinterest through FTP. As time goes on, advertisers will also have the ability to work with feed management providers. A shopping campaign is feed-based, so advertising campaigns can be established and launched at scale.

Furthermore, Pinterest gives advertisers the ability to update their campaigns when any change is made to their inventory.

Approximately two billion search demands are handled by Pinterest in a given month. Although Google handles that plus an extra 1.5 billion searches per day, the numbers from Pinterest are still worth taking note of. Since Pinterest is completely visual, it brings in search demands that can be markedly different from what people search for on a site like Google.

Furthermore, brands that can benefit the most from using Pinterest are brands that can gain significantly more from having promoted ads on Pinterest, as opposed to buying ads on a site like Google.

Unbranded Searches:
Remember that most of searches on Pinterest do not involve naming specific brands. This means that advertisers can work with keywords directed at those who perhaps haven’t chosen a specific brand or product at that point. Pinterest is also looking at consumers in the upper funnel. The idea is to focus less on conversion and more on awareness. For brands with a strong understanding of how to create and target ads on Pinterest, the conversion rates can actually be quite impressive, even though that might not be the primary focus.

If you are working with the marketing software suite made available through Kenshoo, then you’re in luck. The integration with Kenshoo is now such that Pinterest is going to appear as one of your options. This is in addition to other possibilities that are already available to advertisers, including giants like Google.

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