Is Video The Dominant Digital Marketing Trend?

Online marketing trends either evolve or simply disappear from the landscape altogether. As we continue to search for new and effective ways to market our brand or business, we find ourselves considering new technologies, new possibilities, and new channels. Video marketing isn’t a new concept but it has proven itself to be something that is more than capable of adapting to the times.

With a billion users signing in each day, watching hundreds of millions of hours of video, YouTube continues to be a leader in the world of video marketing. YouTube also has one of the strongest holds on that coveted 18 to 49 viewership. YouTube grew by more than forty percent over the course of the past year.

It gets better. Facebook currently offers users the ability to take advantage of embedded videos as well as live streaming. Services like Periscope are becoming increasingly popular, giving people from all across the world the ability to engage a global audience, instantly. Let’s dive into the marketing potential behind all of this!

In-SERP video ads are just about everywhere these days, which is something you probably already knew. Google and Bing are both playing around with this concept, but it remains to be seen what they are ultimately going to do with it.

TrueView For Shopping, which allows users to shop for products through demo videos, is also proving to be quite popular and more importantly, effective. Two perfect examples include Wayfair and Sephora. These brands wanted to increase sales through their content on YouTube so they used TrueView For Shopping to engage new customers. This tactic acted as a type of e-commerce layer and as a result, Wayfair saw an increase in revenue that was 3 times greater than their average and Sephora saw an 80% rise in brand consideration among viewers.

Small businesses can and should take advantage of these tactics as it is indeed possible for small businesses to beat out larger companies for attention. Smaller companies can stand out among their competitors by answering customer questions, demonstrating products, offering video testimonials/tutorials, and much more. Depending on your business, you will also want to keep in mind the value of humor. Entertainment that also informs, and ultimately entices, is going to give you the ability to connect with your audience in a significant way.

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