Don't get Snapchat?

As the pace of technology develops exponentially, it’s often people that need faster upgrades rather than software and applications. Many older adults, including a vast array of trend-spotting marketers and investors, are finding it difficult to keep up with Snapchat, a fun mobile application that allows users to send video and pictures with filters, captions or doodles that self-destruct after viewing.

Social media marketing nowadays is a lifestyle in and of itself that reflects life in real time, but not in the same space. The company based in Venice Beach released an 8-minute video during a Roadshow event to raise money for the Snap IPO to help those not as comfortable with the communications app. The video outlines the company’s market vision for investors while they learn its purpose and how to effectively navigate and use features in easy-to-follow steps.

It’s a common occurrence to collect Facebook and Twitter friends and ‘likes’ as it is to kids amassing collector’s cards, but to what end? A typical user may only directly interact in a variety of ways such as liking or commenting on wall posts with less than 10 per cent of their 800+ friends. Co-founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel wants to give users the option of being more selective where it counts on Snap to facilitate more connection and business from quality rather than quantity. In this way they are taking a counter business strategy to Facebook’s “Collect ‘em all!” type of approach.

For example, Snap has decided to give users a “Stories” option as a way to share latest news last in chronological order as opposed to Facebook’s latest posts showing up first on one’s wall.

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