Students Angry After False Email Claims They Cannot Graduate

Edinburgh University representatives say that an email sent to graduating students claiming some students had failed to complete their degree was the result of a system malfunction.
The email indicated that the recipient/student had not earned enough credits to successfully obtain their diploma. It even went on to claim that as a result of insufficient credits, the recipient would be unable to attend their graduation ceremony as a result of having to finish their studies later that year. Understandably so, the email caused much anxiety and stress to its recipients. The emails were sent out at night so to top it off, many students weren’t able to reach administration or staff members until the next morning to find out what was going on.

This email blunder did not put any student information at risk, as the problem was not caused by an external threat. The university’s administration has told the students who wrongfully received a degree rejection email to disregard it and look for their final results between June 16th and June 23rd. When students discovered it was an internal error, their anxiety and concern turned to frustration.

As the university further investigates the incident, some students have found missing credits on their academic accounts as well. Many suspect that incomplete exam evaluation is to blame, considering some exams still need to be marked. The situation is still urgent however, as many students have already applied for jobs that require a proof of full credits and a good academic standing.

Officials from Edinburgh University are working on updating the information and contacting any remaining misinformed students, but several graduates have expressed their concerns on social media.

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