From Follower to Client: Using Instagram to your Business’s Advantage

Gaining followers on social media is great for your business’s publicity, but putting all your energy into that alone won’t generate sales immediately. Devote yourself to selling your product first, chasing after success by differentiating yourself. If you stand out, potential customers will choose you over others.

Of course, being different is easier said than done. You may think you’re original and maintain that mindset until you take notice of a very similar competitor with just as many clients as you. Here’s how your company can offer new things to your Instagram followers to transform them into loyal customers.

Your audience should first know what they’ll get out of following you and interacting with your posts. Be direct in your message - clients seldom appreciate when companies beat around the bush. Then, ensure you’re reflecting that message in your posts. It’s a good idea to zero in on one or two ideas rather than multiple, as your customers won’t want to be constantly bombarded with information. Choose a clear message and present it well.

Direct the attention to your audience by asking for their opinions on your products or services and, more importantly, your main message. You can apply direct criticism to what you offer to better accommodate the wants and needs of your clients. When companies put the focus on their customers and work on creating valuable connections rather than simple sales, they tend to be more liked and trusted.

Standing out means doing things that not everyone will agree with. Take reasonable risks in your marketing campaign that you know will win over the majority. One of those risks is to get a bit personal by gradually giving out pieces of information about yourself. Customers prefer to see a relatable person instead of a faceless corporation, and will go back to that company time and time again.

Finally, aim to be a major source of convenience and satisfaction in the lives of your customers. If you’re too focused on quick transactions and not focused enough on building lasting relationships, the impact you have on your target audience will be minimal and short-lived. Stand out by introducing yourself as the best brand in your market sector through the use of honesty and emotion. People like to feel like they’re interacting with a person rather than a face-less company or corporation.

With the beneficial option of adding multiple photos, Instagram is a great social media platform to turn followers into clients. If you play your cards right, you’ll not only generate sales, but also create long-lasting relationships with customers far and wide.

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