How to get Paid through Blogging

Most Toronto bloggers or blogs have a message they desperately want to share with the world, but it’s never easy spreading the word to everyone about your blog. It’s even harder gaining income from blogging, even after you’ve gained popularity. So how do you do it? You start with a solid foundation of principles.

Zero in on the topics you care about. Going too broad may appeal to more people, but your fan base won’t be as consistent or as loyal. Stay focused on your goal and ensure each post is as good as it can be. You don’t need a massive amount of content to increase your popularity - you only need good content. Integrating your own knowledge and experiences is a great way to get readers interested.

Next up is creating an attractive-looking blog. If you can afford it, it’s a wise choice to hire a  web design company to add some style to your blog. If not, platforms such as Tumblr, Blogspot or Wordpress are simple enough to use and offer many options, layouts, and website templates you can customize.

It’s also important to be creative in your wording, links, and social media content to keep your target audience wanting more. When your audience spends a large chunk of their time interacting with your content, they’re more likely to share it and buy the things you sell. Make yourself an authority figure in the topic you’ve chosen. That way, more people will go to you for information related to your niche.

Once you’ve got those guidelines nailed, it’s time to use your content to generate income. The most obvious way to do this is to put on-page ads into your posts. This isn’t, however, the most efficient way to make money, because your blog needs tens of thousands of visitors to benefit. If your blog doesn’t yet have that kind of traffic, try affiliate marketing, in which you team up with a brand similar to yours and offer their product as a useful accompaniment to your information.

Email marketing is the next best option for semi-popular blogs. You can focus more on gaining followers and creating a relationship with them to ultimately send them special offers via email. For a more indirect approach, consider developing and selling ebooks, digital courses, or coaching services for your followers. With any of these three options, you maintain a position of authority and help others learn more about your topic, all while making money.

Finally, sponsorships are both a common and useful way to generate income. By promoting a product you believe in, both you and the company you’re collaborating with benefit. Of course, sponsorships must be clearly labeled as such, and are best for those with a decent amount of blog traffic. If you fit those criteria, consider monetizing your blog this way.

Starting with quality content is the key to making money off your blog. Once you’ve got quality content, promote it, watch the views roll in, and choose a monetizing option. If you play your cards right, you’ll have a consistent source of income.

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