Content Marketing and Creation Tips from our Content Writers

The regular creation and distribution of quality content is the key ingredient for your business’ recipe for success. Content marketing is essential if you want to build your brand, expand your network, and most of all, increase sales.

Content is just as important as website design. It’s the key factor behind search engine results, sends targeted traffic to your page and can help establish your company as an online authority in your area of business. You also have to keep your competition in mind. With so much content out there, you need to be sure to stand out and offer your readers/viewers something of value.

Our content writers here at Unlimited Exposure are experienced in a wide variety of topics and know how to write effective yet creative copy. Be it content for SEO purposes, a business website, or a blog post, our writers have the know-how to make sure your content jumps off the screen! We asked our team of copywriters to come up with helpful tips for effective, quality content and this is what they said:
1.    You need an Eye-Catching Title. If your title is boring, no one will read the rest of your post. Your title needs to be so strong that your reader immediately forms an emotional connection with the words. When writing, our content creators use fool-proof techniques to write copy that will generate quality traffic for your business.
2.    Write a Standout Lead. After the title, you need to keep your reader’s attention. Your fist line of copy will determine whether or not your audience will keep reading the rest of your content - so make it a good one!
3.    Research. You need to sound credible if you want people to trust your content. Back up what you’re saying with statistics, surveys, and infographics if need be.
4.    Main Message. Before you even begin writing, decide what your main message will be. Then, while you’re writing, remember this message and keep connecting the rest of your content to it throughout your post. This will help convey a clear, concise idea to your target audience.
5.    Pay attention to your Tone. Whatever you post should be in the same voice as your business and should match your business’ personality. The voice of your content should resonate with your audience, help you hit business targets and further your brand.
6.    Write for Digital. The best web copy is usually short, concise, and easy to read. People love to get the information they need quick, so consider writing in the form of a list or bullet points when appropriate. Digital copy should also be SEO - optimized.
7.    Review your Content. Once you’ve finished writing, edit your content. Even when written by an experienced copywriter, your content will always benefit from a fresh set of eyes.
Powerful content is key in the realm of content marketing and in turning website visitors into loyal clients. It’s not enough to simply publish a bunch of content. That content needs to be well-written since search engines rank quality content higher and place it at the top of search result listings.

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