This Will Make You Want to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo

Most startups and smaller companies don’t put much effort into creating a good Facebook cover photo. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to pick a clean, professional photo: your banner should both welcome your customers and let them know what they’re in for. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Before you begin creating your cover photo, define your company’s main goal. This goal should be fairly long-term to avoid having to change your banner constantly. Instead of opting for your brand name or logo on a neutral backsplash, design your cover photo around your main goal, which can include promotions, general sales, social media interaction, or new products and services. Place relevant buttons just below your banner as well. Your customers are more likely to click these buttons once they’ve been primed with the message on your cover photo.

While designing your cover photo, take into account which trends are currently most popular, and begin to style it around one or more of those trends. You’ll want to focus most on your cover photo’s colours, fonts, and graphics. Many companies use their brand colours in an attractive and relevant way, though other colours may be better at certain times. The font of any text in your cover photo should match your company’s niche, like solid block letters for a construction company. Graphic design, icons, and patterns are other important elements of your cover photo and should always be consistent with your company’s branding.

Since Facebook frequently updates its layout, sizing your photo correctly is very important. Always watch out for the pixel dimensions of your cover photo, as a small tweak can completely change how your photo looks at the top of the page. Put the most crucial bits of information in the center of your cover photo to avoid losing them on the smaller mobile phone banner. Keep up with the changes Facebook makes to its layout to maintain a professional cover photo.

Make sure your profile photo and cover photo don’t clash. Clashing pieces on your page make for a disorganized appearance, so avoid this by incorporating your cover photo’s style choices into your profile photo. Not only should these photos match, but they should also have proper contrast. Use colour wheels and easy-to-read fonts to ensure your banner is both visually pleasing and legible; colour and size are the two elements that most affect contrast.

Although designing a bold, colourful cover photo is important, don’t overcrowd it. Going too big will just look messy. Keep your design simple by achieving cohesion with your fonts, colours, and secondary characteristics. Leaving white space in your cover photo will draw your customers’ eyes to the text in it.

All the work you put into maintaining a clean aesthetic will pay off when you finally end up with a neat and professional banner that captures your audience’s interest.

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