Social Media Tricks That Create Conversions

Find out which social media tricks lead to the most conversionsWith the wide range of platforms constantly buzzing with activity, social media is the ideal place to advertise your company and its products. Nearly all social media platforms now offer features that market products to consumers that will like them and ultimately help companies create conversions.

The decades-old marketing strategy that focused on creating and maintaining customer relationships has been passed onto social media from print and television. This strategy is much more effective than adding a name to your marketing list and immediately pushing your products into the faces of your new customers. When companies take the time to gain their followers’ trust, they become more respected and talked about, expanding their reach.

It may sound mysterious, but it’s not all that difficult to do. Start by developing content for each social media platform you use, taking the time to cater to the audience and layout of each one. Your target audience will like the familiarity of the content’s style, making them more comfortable with your brand right off the bat.

Links can help your company create conversions, but don’t rely on them alone. Focus on the quality of your content, sticking to an overarching message and aiming for transparency, then pepper links throughout the content as you see fit. If your content is full of valuable information, customers are more likely to click on your links.

Define your target audience, and redefine it whenever necessary. Take into consideration who would like and use your products and which social media platforms those people use the most. Ninja Outreach can help by collecting data pertaining to keywords and their connection to brands on different sites. Once you’ve begun marketing to the audience you’ve selected, monitor the traffic your content gets. Use programs like the Google URL builder to identify which links are redirecting users to your website.

Build and nurture relationships with large, non-competitive businesses to promote your content. If your requests are genuine and inexpensive, companies that trust you typically have no problem helping you out by mentioning you in their posts or partnering up with you for a special offer. Even a single mention in a Twitter post can create conversions for your company.

Once you’ve started to receive a good amount of traffic to your website, make sure your login system is simple and welcoming. There’s nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than a long, complicated signup process. Consider attaching an automatic login option for users with a Facebook or Google+ account for a smoother login. You should also ensure that your checkout is as quick and easy as possible. Long checkouts can dissuade customers from purchasing your products in the future, or even before the first purchase is complete.

Only after you’ve completed these steps should you begin to monitor your social media analytics on each platform you use and strengthen your call-to-action functions on your website. With a simple, friendly system in place, you’ll be picking up conversions left and right before you know it.

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