The Secret way to use SEO to Appeal to your Audience

The secret way you can use SEO to appeal to your audience

When SEO came into play a decade ago, anything online retailers created fell under that category. Whether it was good or bad, it was SEO as long as it was packed with relevant keywords and would show up on the first page of the search it was related to.

Now that SEO emphasizes keywords and the like much less, creators can focus on developing content that readers actually like, not just content they can immediately find. In fact, they have to develop good content, because their competitors have already started to do just that. They must achieve a healthy balance between quality and discoverability.

One you decide to zero in on improving your company’s SEO, keep in mind that you want to appeal to your customers. They don’t want to be blatantly advertised to; they want to be unknowingly drawn in by your seamless wording and superior products or services. That all starts with them being able to find you when they plug a specific term into their search box. Though it’s difficult to identify what this search term was, you’ll always know which page they ended up on.

To help narrow down which term each user typed in, keyword rankings are very useful. It’s safe to assume that users who find your website quickly typed in one of your website’s most popular keywords. Keep a list of the keywords that frequently land your audience members on your page, and for each one, determine what may have caused the user to type it in.

It can be hard for companies to acknowledge and fix their mistakes. But in SEO, it’s incredibly important to brainstorm certain goals your customers look to meet when reaching your website, and which of those goals your website doesn’t meet. Because this process takes some time and practice, we’ve identified a few common problems for you.

The FAQ section of most websites is fairly encompassing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to miss a crucial question that many individuals want to ask. If your customers can’t find an answer to their question on your site, they’ll either return to the search engine to start over, or move on to something else entirely. Include a clear contact section of your website to address this problem, or make your presence on social media obvious and approachable.

Some users may come across broken links or unclear digital paths that prevent them from getting to the part of your website they need to access. This can be fixed by removing any broken links and making each path clear. Unfortunately, lacking an item a user needs is a problem that can’t always be solved. It may not be economical to create another product that so little of your audience will use, so carefully evaluate the situation before making any final decisions.

SEO is meant to provide your audience with something they see as valuable and worthwhile. If you can advertise and appeal simultaneously, your company will effortlessly come out on top.

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