How to Create a Great “About Us” Page that will Attract more Customers

This is the kind of Businesses often put a great deal of effort into building their business websites, but they tend to neglect their “About Us” page, focusing more on organizing their products, services, and contact information instead. Unfortunately, this is a missed opportunity, as many customers are interested in learning how your company came to be and what it stands for. Take a look at your “About Us” page and fix any of the following fundamental errors you find.

When it comes to writing effective content, avoid writing more than a couple paragraphs about your origins and achievements as a business. Though your audience will want to know a bit about that, it becomes tiresome to read after too long. Aim to explain what your company’s goals and beliefs are, and how you go about fulfilling them in a friendly, appealing manner.

When creating their business website, several companies make the mistake of only putting their products and services under the tabs labelled as such. However, putting a few of these things into your About section can entice customers and boost your sales. Mention how the website is laid out and where they can find certain items, making sure to explain what makes you a better choice than your competitors.

When it comes to the web design of your page, include links to your best products and tabs in your About section so customers can get there quickly and easily. These links should follow the description of your company’s goals, acting as a sort of conclusion to your story. Customers love when businesses make things clear and simple.

Keep in mind that your About page may serve as a landing page for some potential buyers, which means you should include an opt-in function on that page. That way, you can collect more email addresses, grow your email marketing scheme, and eventually generate more income. Members of your audience are more likely to return to your website if they receive emails from you.

Include good reviews, social media mentions, and businesses you’re positively associated with below the core of your company description. Consumers are more likely to try out brands that are recommended to them by companies or individuals they trust, so don’t pass up the opportunity to use social proof on your About page.

Divide your text information into short, digestible paragraphs for your customers and add in some interesting visuals. Lists, colours, varied fonts, and high-quality photos all help hold your customer’s attention and make reading easier on smaller screens.

Putting your contact information onto the About page of your company website can save you from having to create a separate Contact tab, and your site’s visitors don’t have to redirect themselves somewhere else just to collect your email. Of course, having too much information on your About page isn’t good, either. Try to keep  your description under 500 words so your readers can take in everything and won’t be tempted to navigate away from your website.

Don’t neglect your “About Us” page - it gets more traffic than you think. If you follow our guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to intriguing more people and creating more long-term customers.

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