Content Tips - Improve your Copy and Watch your Conversion rate Soar

Follow these content marketing tips and watch your conversion rate soar!Marketers are masters at creating content. Or, at least, they should be. Most companies don’t turn out much quality content, and sales suffer as a result. Consumers become less and less willing to buy products when they’re consistently being sold to in a bland and blatant way. That’s why you should focus on making better marketing copy.

While creating amazing content that appeals to your audience is essential, so is promoting that content. We can no longer expect to exceed expectations and be discovered by the masses; the internet is too big and busy for that. As a marketer, you must develop interesting content and advertise it in an interesting way. Below are a few tips to guide you along your way.

First off, if you have any superlatives in your marketing copy, get rid of them. Making yourself out to be the best in your field is an overused way of trying to express your talent. Substitute superlatives for an unusual word or phrase instead. Your audience will be more interested in your content if you use words that other advertisers don’t.

Avoid using business jargon to make your company appear more knowledgeable. In most cases, complex words only irritate consumers and feel as if they’re being made inferior to you. True marketing isn’t a game of power or smarts. Treat your customers like equals and use basic vocabulary words in your copy whenever possible.

Stay away from cliches. That super common phrase every marketer uses may seem like the perfect choice for your latest copy, but chances are your audience will either ignore it or roll their eyes at the fact that it’s shown up in an advertisement for the hundredth time. Although total originality is nearly impossible to achieve, don’t let that stop you from aiming for it. Be creative and genuine in your copy to excite your customers.

Be more direct by eliminating fillers. Squeezing in a few extra words to meet a word count minimum or present yourself as a gentle, harmless company is never a good idea. It’s okay to be blunt as long as you’re polite as well. Get to the point in a quick and respectful way for a more responsive audience.

Never write your copy in a passive voice. While it’s appropriate to write passively in some scenarios, marketing isn’t one of them. Identifying instances in which you’ve used the passive voice can be difficult, but a thorough comb-through of your content can show you where you could be more concise. Change the wording of your passive statements to create active voice phrases. This is a great way to make your copy stronger and more impactful.

Make your content flow. If it sounds awkward when spoken aloud or to someone else, fix it. Your copy should draw your audience in, and it will if you focus on the sum of the parts rather than the parts themselves. Weed out the copy killers you find in your content and you’ll thank us later. Contact us now to begin your content marketing journey!

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