Rethink your Product Images Before your Next Marketing Campaign

Rethink your Product Images Before your Next Marketing CampaignLetting your customers know what your product does and how it does those things is important, but consumers always pay more attention to photos. According to a recent survey, 67% of customers ranked photos higher than both descriptions and reviews for their importance in making a purchase. So don’t just use photos - use good ones, and use them in the ways we’ve described below.

Make sure every photo you use looks professional. Photos that are clearly pixelated, watermarked, or poorly lit should never be featured on your business website. By using large, professional photos with simple backgrounds, your customers become more willing to trust your company. Of course, it’s important not to crowd any page with photos. Only include photos that directly relate to your brand, or that you want people to associate your brand with.

Get as many different angles of your products as possible. While one high-quality photo of your products is good, giving your customers access to an array of photos from different angles will increase the chances of them buying your products. The goal is to simulate an in-person shopping experience on your ecommerce website. Add a zoom function or a 360-degree rotation tool and you’ll boost your conversions with those elements alone.

Use your photos to convince your customers that your products will improve certain elements of their lives. Snapping photos of your products being used by members of your target audience or in places they could be used makes the thought of buying those products more enticing to the consumer browsing your gallery. People make photos more relatable to viewers, while settings make items more useful. Taking strategic photos makes your products a part of life to your audience instead of just another item.

Avoid misrepresenting your products. Digital adjustments may be necessary for your photos to reduce glare or brighten up the background, but making your products appear a different colour, texture, size, or material than they really are can frustrate customers. While some buyers may end up liking the product despite not receiving what they expected, photo misrepresentation can drive customers away and prevent new ones from coming in. Double check all of your product photos for accuracy on several different electronic devices.

Add photos to your website’s search bar. Selecting the photo that automatically shows up when they type in a product name or description is much more appealing to consumers than clicking a label. Furthermore, when customers see the photo of the product they’re looking for, they’ll click faster than if they’d only seen a text result. Include photos in content marketing, too. Advertisements, articles, and social media posts with photos get more attention than simple text content, and the information they provide stays in the minds of consumers for a longer period of time.

Good written content is an essential part of running a successful business, but that doesn’t mean you should cast photos aside. Professional photos are an extremely useful tool in marketing, and you can harness their power.

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