Can Adding A Chat Function To Your Online Business Increase Revenues?

Can adding a chat function to your online shop or business increase revenues? Marketing is becoming more innovative than ever thanks to the fast pace of technological advancements. You’re probably trying all kinds of different things to get your customers hooked, but have you ever considered using a chat service? Both Viber and Messenger can help companies simultaneously interact with members of their target audience and promote their products. If you use the chat feature well, your loyal customers could become the main providers of social proof for your company.

Chat extensions increase your business website or app’s reach to a surprising degree. Messenger and Viber each have their own way of integrating things like videos, music, and fast action apps. Viber did it first, giving users access to gifs, Spotify, Vice, and more. Messenger followed suit a year afterward, employing chat extensions like Kayak and Swelly to increase reach and customer satisfaction.

So how can you do the same? It’s certainly possible, as several other brands have done it. We’ll go over which companies have dipped their toes into the pool of chat marketing, as well as how they did it and the results they’re seeing from it. Prepare to find out what chat marketing can do for you.

Kayak followed in Viber’s footsteps with the Kayak Travel Planner on Messenger. It gives users the ability to organise trips by collecting possible dates, locations, accommodations, and rental services for travel, which users can then share with others to vote on. A final decision is made based on those votes. The great thing about Kayak’s chat feature is that it effortlessly immerses itself in the experience, maintaining a presence in the conversation without users consciously thinking about it. Kayak becomes part of the trip, and customers inherently trust the company more.

Swelly is a social voting robot that users of either Viber or Messenger can use. Users can choose between two related photos and send their vote to their contacts to compare responses. The robot then tells the user how to make their own two-image Swells and directly receive the data they collect. With hundreds of original Swells circulating, users with similar interests can give and take recommendations on certain hotels, restaurants, products, and other commonly purchased goods and services.

Booking has become an extremely active platform for travel-related reservations all over the world. The service is part of Viber’s chat extensions, which allows users to easily select hotel rooms and stay durations and book it as soon as they’ve confirmed the criteria. Booking’s good reputation has begun to take the power away from sites found in organic search results, directing customers towards a brand they know they can rely on. This has made it an unexpectedly influential brand.

Messaging apps are the next big trend in marketing. Companies shouldn’t ignore it, either: in the era of social media, social proof is sought out and deeply trusted. We follow the advice of those we know and those who are similar to us. Find a way to get your company involved with messaging apps and app development services for greater success.

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