The Best way to use Facebook Ads

Expand your reach with Facebook video adsYou may not think to use Facebook video ads for marketing, but it can come in handy for many companies looking to expand their reach. In fact, if you use this feature correctly, it can pull loads of new consumers into your sales scheme and eventually have them purchase your products or services. But first, let’s go over the most common type of sales scheme.

 Most marketers opt for an awareness plus remarketing framework when they aim to gain new customers. You first need to introduce your company to the members of your target audience that haven’t yet heard of it, and this is where videos prove their worth. Video content is currently the most consumed type of digital content that exists, and they naturally capture and keep the interest of viewers longer than text and photo content do.

 As an advertiser, you can even direct specific video content towards certain sectors of your target audience by analysing who watched what and going from there. Unsurprisingly, this works well on most consumers, especially those who feel as if they’re being catered to. We’ve got some tips to help you get started with your Facebook video ad campaign.

 It’s near impossible to sell a product to someone out of the blue without giving them reason to do so. That’s why you first need to explain what your company is and does. Make your new audience familiar with you with educational or inspiring content that relates to your industry. In their minds, you’ll quickly become a reliable source of information concerning that industry, and they’ll refer back to you when necessary.

 Create a video that describes your company’s origins and values. Make sure to hire a video production company that understands your brand Humanizing your brand is the best way to increase your likeability and make more conversions. You can also benefit your company and your customers by requesting constructive criticism from them. Valuable responses can help you market to them more effectively, solving their problems and bringing in money.

 Once your audience has warmed up to your brand, you can start to sell to them. Create videos about the products and services you offer, encouraging them to check out your website and consider buying something. You’ll have to give them some kind of reward to get a significant response, and this reward can come in the form of a discount or promotion. This step is part of the remarketing process, which means you won’t just be looking to get video views.

 The final stage aims to regain the attention of those who visited your website once and never came back. Using videos to address this issue is easier than it seems. Create a video ad that includes a good number of live testimonials or prompts the viewer to revisit the website in search of products they may like.

 Facebook is still a very relevant social media platform, and its video ad feature is one of its best. Use it whenever you can to improve your marketing strategy and draw consumer attention to your company.

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