How Instant Gratification is Changing Mobile Marketing

People who have adjusted to the practically instantaneous functions of mobile devices now expect everything related to the digital world to be quick and valuablePeople who have adjusted to the practically instantaneous functions of mobile devices now expect everything related to the digital world to be brief and valuable. As frustrating as this can be for companies who exist almost exclusively on the internet, consumers aren’t exactly to blame for the craze. Technically, the creators of high-speed apps and gadgets are the true culprits, pushing the envelope in terms of innovation. But in many ways, their numerous tech ideas have improved our lives. Companies simply have to deal with the consequences of this reality.

 It’s critical for businesses to know the intentions of the majority of their target audience to better cater to their needs. Because the emphasis is so much on speed nowadays, it’s not too farfetched to guess that customers expect to complete the interactions they have with companies in just minutes. They want to load a website as soon as they click its link, purchase an item as soon as they see one, and receive a response as soon as they’ve asked a question. They also seek information relevant to their situation.

 Now that this is the reality of digital marketing and mobile marketing, companies who manage to satisfy their customers’ need for instant gratification tend to come out on top. The speed at which you do things can really make you stand out if the quality of what you’re offering is the same as that of your competitors. In most cases, eager customers are willing to pay a higher price to get what they want sooner. This is why things like Amazon Prime and Netflix Premium work so well.

 Modern-day consumers care more about the ecommerce experience than they do about the material goods they’re shopping for, which can lead to impulse buys. This means more people are doing things at the drop of a hat, ordering products and booking services whenever they feel like it. Companies that can keep up with the impulsive decisions of customers tend to fare well in the market. There now exist rewards for those who make reservations or buy discounted products at the last possible second, encouraging this need for instant gratification.

 Companies that advertise on mobile platforms must now change their strategies to create uber-quick, value-packed moments for the audience they’re targeting. It all starts with knowing and understanding how their customers interact with digital media. It’s important for marketers who mainly target smartphone users to keep in mind that everything they do must take the minimum amount of time. This keeps customers intrigued and coming back for more.

 Accommodating the needs of impulsive, fast-paced consumers requires optimized loading times, video ads, product descriptions, website layout, and anything else that could influence whether or not a person will continue to make purchases. The timing of these components is just as important as their existence, mind you. Customers subconsciously hope that marketers intuitively know what they want. All in all, an ideal combination of mobile speed, product quality, and customer knowledge will appease instant gratification buyers.

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