How to Use LinkedIn to Achieve Higher Sales and Better Leads

How to use LinkedIn to Achieve Higher Sales and better LeadsWith nearly half a billion registered users and individuals from more than two hundred countries engaged on LinkedIn, there is no better network to tap into if the intention is professional growth. Learning how to leverage a LinkedIn profile to generate higher sales, more qualified leads, and to build more effective business relationship is a skill every user should have. Yet, many don’t. The days of in-person business card exchanges being a businessperson’s primary networking strategy are over. If you haven’t already, join LinkedIn. Here’s why.

A LinkedIn Profile is your Online Business Card and it’s One you Need to Have

Every person on LinkedIn is there for more or less the same reason – to connect with other like-minded businesspeople and to expand their network of friends. Here is an opportunity to represent you and how you see your business with your name, title, and photo. Make every detail count. Choose the photo that best represents your intention and communicate professionalism with every visual or written opportunity.

Connecting with Others and those Business Relationships are Key to Success

No one becomes successful in business on their own. They become successful by surrounding themselves with a team of driven people with a similar mindset as their own. Invest some time into scanning through the ‘people you may know’ list on LinkedIn. If anyone interests you professionally, take the opportunity to send them an invitation to connect. If it is accepted, follow up with a friendly message just to say hi and to give a little detail on why you wanted to connect.

Join groups, Seek out Customers, and Engage

LinkedIn is all about engagement so spend a few minutes of your day seeking out those you want to connect with. Join groups to share knowledge and find the people who are seeking someone like you out. Build your network. This is a social network built on helping and supporting one another as they achieve their marketing and business goals. Always keep that in mind. Avoid taking a full-on sales approach. Build you, your brand, and your success rate slowly, and have fun with it.

How Does this Equate to More Leads and More Sales?

The more people you know and the more connections you have, the stronger you are as a businessperson. Among all this social network fun, remember who your customers are and pursue strategic relationships where you might be able to benefit. This is a site with millions of people looking to connect. These are leads waiting to be converted. By pursuing the right people, in no time, any business can generate for themselves higher revenues.

It’s all about finding a network of people related to your industry where you can provide them with some advantage as they provide you with similar advantages. If there’s something in it for all parties, everybody wins. Mutually beneficial relationships are what businesses are built on. That’s why LinkedIn has been such a key movement in the business community throughout the past decade, assisting millions of people grow their brands and benefits.

So don’t hesitate to get out into the LinkedIn community. Engage in conversations, meet new people, build your network, and grow your business with the right group of friends there to tap into along the way.

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